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Mules vs. Seagraves (9-12-2014)

Mules vs. Seagraves (9-12-2014)

Sprinkles and mist may have blurred the officials vision Friday night in Seagraves as the Mules tangled with the Eagles. The Mules put up a battle but in the end Seagraves limped away with a 40-34 win and the officials may have risen to the top of the Eagles’ list of favorites for any future playoff games. 

“We gave them a full game tonight,” said Mule coach David Wood. “They had not had a whole game all season. They are an extremely good class 2A football team.”

“Our kids played hard and we gave them a run for their money. There were things that happened in that game that I could have corrected before the game. I did not do a good enough job of preparing and teaching the young kids.”

“Hopefully this was a good teaching tool for us. Sometimes we go along and think that kids know a lot about what to do in certain situations during the game. We were not ready to think on our toes. So we are doing things different in practice so we can win games at the end.”

“There are good things and bad things that happen during a ball game and we just have to know how to adjust to both. We seem to respond better to bad things than we do to good things.”

“When we had something good happen we seemed to let the opportunity to slip away from us. The stat in the game that really sticks out to me is that we were ahead after the first, second and third quarters and we still didn’t win the game.”

“We just did not maintain for four quarters and we have to change that,” concluded Coach Wood.  

The Eagles had not been scored on in their first two games of the season nor had an opponent crossed their 40 yard line.

Seagraves scored first when Tanner Rodriguez capped a nine play drive that covered 61 yards with a screen pass to Kory Kyle from nine-yards out. The two-point conversion was good and Seagraves led 8-0 with 7:02 remaining in the first period.

The Mules only needed two minutes to answer with a 67-yard scoring drive. The Mules were penalized on their first offensive play that was a pass to Keagan Gonzales from Danny Campos that would have gone from the Mule 33 to the Eagle 15. But instead the Mules were backed up five yards on the penalty.

Josh Lopez went up the middle for 12 yards for a first down. Campos again hit Gonzales on the fade down the sideline for a 26-yard gain to the Eagle 32. Lopez went wide right to the outside for an 11-yard gain.

Campos tossed a swing pass to Cristian Paez for six yards. Campos then connected with Tony Castillo running a crossing route at the Eagle seven. He blasted a defender into the end zone from the one-yard line to score. The play covered 15 yards. The Mules faked the point-after kick and Campos carried over for the two-point conversion to tie the game at 8-8 with 4:55 left in the first quarter.

The Eagles picked up a first down on an interference call after the Mule kickoff. The Mules refused to move after that and forced the Eagles to punt for the first time from the Eagle 40. Rodriguez, the Eagles quarterback and punter, booted the ball into the hip pads of one of his blockers.

The ball took a Mule bounce all the way back to the Eagle five. Lopez attempted to get outside and was thrown for a four-yard loss. Campos connected with Gonzales on a crossing route at the goal line for a nine-yard TD. Felipe Guerrero booted the point after for a 15-8 Mule lead with 2:29 remaining in the opening period.

The Mule defense made a goal line stand after the Eagles got a first down on the Mule six-yard line. Four plays later the Mules took over on downs at the Mule five. Lopez got the Mules out of the shadow of their own goal post with a 21-yard run. The Mules were forced to punt. Seagraves returned the punt to mid field.

It took the Eagles five plays to score on a four-yard run by Rodriguez. The two-point conversion was good and Seagraves had jumped back in front of the Mules 16-15 with 2:05 left in the first half.

The Mules started their final drive of the half at their own 25. Campos marched the Mules down the field with an 11-yard toss to Castillo and a 16-yard pass and run to Gonzales. Jason Florez saved Campos from an interception by snatching the ball out of a defender’s hands at the Eagle 37 and then raced to the Eagle 30.

Lopez bulldozed his way for five yards. The Mules sent three receivers wide to the right side. They all went vertical and Campos laid the ball in the hands of Florez six-yards deep in the end zone to give the Mules the lead for the second time.

Campos was hit as he attempted to deliver the two-point conversion pass. The ball fluttered for a few yards before being intercepted by Kyle and he returned it 94 yards to give the Eagles the two points. The Mules led 21-18 at the intermission.

The Mules returned the opening kick of the second half to the Mule 37. Lopez raced through a hole in the center of the line. He was hit from behind near the 50 and boosted on his way to the end zone. The 63-yard touch down run and Guerrero’s point-after kick extended the Mule lead to 28-18.

The Mule defense held the Eagles for three downs to force a punt. A high snap sailed over Rodriguez head and he chased down the ball and rolled to his left. It appeared that at least two offensive linemen were down field blocking when Rodriguez threw a pass.

No flag was thrown and the pass was completed for a first down. The Mules did not seem to recover from the badly missed call. The Eagles went on to score on a two-yard run by Rodriguez and the two-point conversion was added. The Mules continued to lead 28-26 with 6:27 left in the third quarter.

After the kickoff the Mules fumbled and the Eagles recovered on the Mule three. Rodriguez ran the ball over but the two-point conversion failed. Seagraves led 32-28 with 5:27 remaining in the third period.

The Mule offense sputtered to a stop but the defense stepped up to hold the Eagles to three-and-out. Castillo gave up his body to stop the Eagle punt from bouncing inside the Mule five.

Campos and Castillo connected for a 12-yard gain. A wide receiver screen to Gonzales moved the Mules to the Eagle 28. Lopez gained seven yards on a run up the middle. Campos tossed from the Mule 39 to Chamel Regalado at the Eagle 47. Regalado raced past a defender to the Eagle 16 for a 45-yard gain.

Florez streaked down field and then cut toward front corner of the end zone. Campos hung the ball up at the goal line for Florez to run under for a touchdown. The two-point conversion failed and the Mules took the lead for the third time of the night. The Mules led 34-32 with three seconds left in the third quarter.

The Eagles scored one final time on a 43-yard run by Kyle and the two-point conversion was good.

The Mules rushed for 167 yards and threw for 224 for a total offense of 391. Lopez led the Mules in rushing with 11 times for 149 yards. Campos connected on 15 of 30 passing attempts.

Regalado made three receptions for 60 yards and Florez caught three passes for 58 yards and two touchdowns. Castillo snagged five passes for 55 yards and one score and Saul Sanchez caught one pass for 15 yards.

Regalado led the Mule defense with 11 solo tackles, six assists, and two special teams tackles. Roman Franco made five solo tackles, two assists, and two special teams tackles. Castillo had seven solo stops, two assists and intercepted two passes.

Kevin Mendoza made five solo tackles and three assists. Tony Vasquez had six solo tackles, two special teams stops and broke up one pass. James Lutz made four solo tackles, two assists and broke up a pass. Dustin Smith had two solo stops and four assists. 

The Mules will make their longest bus ride of the regular season to Perryton to play the Rangers Friday night.

Cross-Country Meet @ Plains (9-13-2014)

Cross-Country Meet @ Plains (9-13-2014)

The Lady Mules finished ninth out of 12 teams Saturday at the Plains Cowgirl and Cowboy Cross-Country Meet. Mireya Ruvulcaba finished 11th with a time of 14 minutes and 35 seconds.

Other Lady Mules competing were Jasmine Garza, Ruby Andrade, Daniela Diaz, Aimee Rosas, Ruby Regalado and Jazmin Arellano. 

“It was good to finally get a meet under our feet,” said Muleshoe cross-country coach, Edie Niblett. “It was wet, cold and slippery but the kids never complained and I was pleased with their efforts.”

The Mules placed fifth out of seven teams. Evan Paez led the Mules with a ninth place finish with a time of 18:32. Michael Lozano, Noah Del Toro, Jesus Manzanares, Jose Lopez Malachi Rodriquez and Josh Mata also competed for the Mules.

The JV Lady Mules finished third out of seven teams with Yvonne Diaz leading the team as the sixth place individual with a 16:05. Ricarda Elizalde finished 10th with a time of 16:29. Brianna Velasquez, Brianna Barron, Liliana Barrera and Adriana Loya round out the JV Lady Mule team.

“We have already had some sick kids and scheduling conflicts but I am really excited about this group of athletes competing at the remainder of our meets,” continued Niblett. “They are extremely hard workers and want to get better each day.”

“We will run again Saturday the 20th in the Beat Dr. Sheets Fun Run. It will be held in the New City Park beginning at 10:00 AM. Anyone that would like to run, jog or walk that morning is invited.”

Monday, September 15, 2014

JV Mules vs. Seagraves (9-11-14)

JV Mules vs. Seagraves (9-11-14)

The JV Mules had to make adjustments to stop the double wing offensive set of the Seagraves Eagles on Thursday night. Once that was done the Mules took over and defeated the Eagles 27-18.

The Eagles all but ran free in the opening quarter and scored first on a 12-play 65-yard drive that only left three minutes in the opening period. The kick failed but the Eagles led 6-0.

Jesse Easiley returned the ensuing kickoff from the Mule 25 to the Mule 40. Tre Villa kept the ball, broke a tackle to gain nine yards. Jose Angel Mendoza carried for seven yards, nine yards and 11 yards to reach the Seagraves 23. 

Villa illustrated his ability to go, stop on a dime and then accelerate through an opening for 17 yards. Villa tossed a four-yard touchdown pass to Mendoza with a tick under a minute remaining in the opening period. Villa booted the point after to give the Mules a 7-6 lead. 

Dominik Hasley put pressure on the Eagle quarterback that forced an incompletion. The Eagles scored on a three-yard run with seven and half minutes left in the first half. The two-point conversion failed and the Eagles led 12-7. 

Easiley returned the kickoff to the Mule 44. Evan Paez blasted up the middle on runs of  16 and eight yards to the Seagraves 32. Villa raced wide left for the final 32 yards and a touchdown. Villa again added the point-after kick for a 14-12 Mule lead at the half.

Seagraves kickoff to start the second half to the Mule 39. A high snap cost the Mules nine yards on first down. The Mules did not pick up the necessary yardage and were forced to punt. Tim Perez blasted the return man and jarred the ball loose and the Mules recovered. 

Neither team could score in the third period. 

The Mules ran into the Eagle punter on the first play of the fourth period and gave Seagraves a first down on the Mule 49. Villa picked off an Eagle pass at the Mule 20. Matt Flores made a block that turned Villa loose for an 80-yard touchdown run. Villa kicked the point after for a 21-12 Mule lead with 9:27 left in the game. 

The Eagles did not go away and scored on a 42-yard pass and run. Easiley and Hasley stopped the two-point conversion. The Mules clung to a 21-18 lead. 

Eric Herrera returned the short kickoff to the Mule 47. Back-to-back holding penalties set the Mules back before Villa scrambled for eight yards on back-to-back plays. Villa rolled wide left for a 49-yard touchdown and then booted the point after to extend the Mule lead to 27-18. 

Tim Perez and Dylan Miller made stops to keep the Eagles from gaining a first down. The Mules took over on downs and drained the time off the clock. 

The Mules will host the Perryton Rangers Thursday night.

9th Mules vs. Idalou (9-11-2014)

9th Mules vs. Idalou (9-11-2014)

The freshmen Mules had to battle back from a 6-0 early deficit after the Idalou Wildcats scored on the opening play of the game. The Mules hung on to defeat the Wildcats 26-20 after leading 26-12 late in the third period.

Arnulfo Hernandez kicked off for the Mules to start the game and Idalou returned the kick to the Wildcat 33. A Wildcat broke loose for a 67-yard touchdown run but the point-after try failed. Idalou led 6-0 with 9:39 left in the first period.

Jeremiah Smith returned the Idalou kickoff 21 yards to the Mule 39. Michael Lozano took the Hammer pitch from Isaac Mendoza 31 yards to the Idalou 30. Hernandez blasted up the middle for seven yards.

Back-to-back penalties slowed down the Mules before Mendoza pitched to Hernandez for a 13-yard touch down run. The Mules tied the game at 6-6 with 7:13 remaining in the opening quarter.

Coleman Preston, Cesar Olvera, and Billy Tosh slowed down the ensuing Idalou drive but the Wildcats scored on a 23-yard pass with 2:30 still on the clock in the first quarter. Michael Lozano held on for reinforcements to stop the two-point conversion. Idalou led 12-6.

Idalou kicked off to the Mule 38 and there was no return. Mendoza kept for five yards on first down. Hernandez took a pitch and ran over one tackler for 16 yards. Mendoza tossed a swing pass to Lozano wide to the left and he raced 29 yards to the Idalou 15 on the final play of the first quarter.

Mendoza managed to snag a high snap and raced wide left 15 yards for a touch down to tie the game at 12-12 with 9:33 left in the first half.

The Wildcats returned the Mule kickoff to the Idalou 36. Joe Waggoner stopped the Wildcats after just three yards on first down. Olvera recovered an Idalou fumble on second down to give the Mules the ball.

The Mules could not cash in on the turn over immediately by did leave Idalou in a hole. Mendoza got in the Idalou backfield on first down for a three-yard loss. Idalou was forced to punt and the Mules returned the ball to the Wildcat 15.

Hernandez made five yards on first down. Mendoza gained four yards on second down and then scored on the next play from six-yards out. The Mules were penalize 10 yards for holding on the two-point conversion. Mendoza tossed to Smith for the conversion and a 20-12 Mule lead at the half.

Neither team could score in the third period.

The Wildcats scored on a three-yard run after a short Mule punt in the fourth period. The two-point conversion was good and cut the Mule lead to 26-20.

Idalou drove to the Mule four-yard line with four seconds left in the game. Lozano broke on the pass and batted the ball down in the end zone as time expired.

The Mules will host the Perryton Rangers Thursday afternoon at 4:00 pm. Please make note of the early start time because of the distance Perryton must travel to return home.  

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Mules vs. Sweetwater Mustangs (9-5-2014)

Mules vs. Sweetwater Mustangs (9-5-2014)

The Sweetwater Mustangs rolled into Benny Douglas Stadium ranked 20th in the Class AAAA. They were riding high coming off a 66-35 win over the Lubbock High Westerners to open the 2014 football season.

The Mustangs traveled 204 miles to meet the Mules and had never been exposed to the tenacity or stubbornness of a herd of Mules. Sweetwater limped off a very wet turf Friday night after eking out a 32-27 win over the Mules. 

“It was a memorable game for the kids,” said Coach David Wood. “We always like to play in the rain and it brings the kid out in all of us. We did not like the out come on the scoreboard but we now know we can play against a team that puts a lot of talent on the field.”

“We did not win but it was one of those games that makes us better. In fact the whole non-district schedule will make us better. We just have to try and keep down the injuries. Last week the ball bounced our way but this week it did not.”

“We were able to come back from a deficit again this week and in fact had to come back a second time this week to almost win it again. We just did not put the ball in the end zone. Our kids a gaining more and more confidence in what they can do. We as coaches are learning about these kids and who and when to have certain personnel in the game.”

“We are still figuring the kids out and some of them opened our eyes again this week. We are going to do some more shuffling. The bottom line is Sweetwater is a good football team and we were not pushed off the field by them. I was proud of the kids and they do not have any quit in them.”

“When the game was over I could not even be upset at the kids. They felt the loss of the game and I felt it right along with them. Everyone pulled their own and when it is all said and done we have to watch film and try to get better,” concluded Coach Wood.

Isaiah McGee caught touchdown passes of 45 and 23 yards in the opening period from Mustang quarterback, Kaegan Jeffrey to give the Mustangs a 12-0 with 3:41 left in the first period. 

The Mules answered with an eight-play 68-yard drive that was capped off by a Danny Campos to Keagan Gonzales pass that covered 23 yards. Gonzales booted the point after to cut the Mustang lead to 12-7 with just less than a minute and half left in the opening period. 

The Mustangs were back in the end zone early in the second period with an eight-play drive of their own that covered 58 yards. Jeffry tossed to Bray Amos from three-yards out. The two-point conversion failed but the Mustangs led 18-7 with 11:18 remaining in the first half. 

The Mules owned the rest of the half. It only took the Mules a minute and 14 seconds to answer with a second scoring toss from Campos to Gonzales that covered 48 yards. Gonzales again added the point after to cut the Mustang lead to 18-14.

But the Mules were not finished as the Mustangs drove to the Mule 44 and needed two yards on fourth down to keep the drive alive. Dagen Dunham penetrated and Jaxon Lee blitzed to pull down the running back for a three-yard loss. The Mules took over on downs. 

Campos kept up the middle for 12 yards. Lopez also punched up the middle for six more yards to the Mustang 35. Campos hit Tony Castillo running a deep slant for 12 more yards. The Mules sent three receivers to the wide side of the field and all ran straight down the field. Campos connected with Jason Florez five-yards deep in the end zone to give the Mules the lead. Gonzales’ point after gave the Mules a 21-18 lead at the intermission. 

The Mustangs could not sustain a drive in the second half and did not score on the Mule defense. But McGee returned a Mule punt 45 yards for a Sweetwater touchdown with 5:33 left in the third period. The two-point conversion failed again. 

McGee later intercepted a Campos pass and returned 35 yards for a TD with 5:32 to go in the game. Jeffrey connected with Max Gomez for the two-point conversion. 

The Mustangs attempted an onside kick after being penalized 15 yards on the kickoff. The ball had only traveled nine yards before it was touched by Sweetwater at the Mustang 34. 

Campos connected with Florez on a post pattern at the Mustang 11 on first down. Florez was blasted in the helmet and the penalty gave the Mules a first down at the three.

The Mules pounded away a yard at a time until Lopez powered in from the one-yard line. The two-point conversion failed.   

The Mules had a total of 361 yards of offense in the game with 223 yards came through the air and 138 on the ground. Campos connected on 17 of his 35 passing attempts to five receivers and rushed 13 times for 52 yards. Gonzales caught five passes for 90 yards and two touchdowns. Florez also had five receptions for 89 yards. 

Lopez rushed 11 times for 59 yards and caught two passes for 24 yards. Castillo made two receptions for 20 yards and Chamel Regalado caught one for 10 yards. 

Franco led the Mule defense with 29 tackles and recovered a fumble. Ryder White made 22 stops and hurried the quarterback twice. Regalado made 21 tackles and broke up a pass. Mendoza had 18 tackles, one being for a loss, had one sack and recovered a fumble.

Dunham recorded 14 tackles with one being for a loss. James Lutz, Dustin Smith, Castillo, and Florez each made 12 tackles. Castillo broke up a pass and intercepted a pass, Lutz made a tackle for a loss and Smith made two tackles for losses and one sack. Florez intercepted a pass and Gonzales made 10 tackles with one being for a loss and one sack.  

The Mules will travel to Seagraves Friday night for their first road game of the season against the Eagles at 7:30 PM.

JV Mules vs. Sweetwater Mustangs (9-4-2014)

JV Mules vs. Sweetwater Mustangs (9-4-2014)

The JV Mules traveled 204 miles to battle the Sweetwater Mustangs Thursday night. The Mules came out on the short end of the scoreboard but played with dignity and honor a long way from home. The Mules lost 42-26.

The Mules gained a total of 271 yards with a balanced attack. They passed for 169 yards and rushed for 102. Tre Villa broke the scoring ice for the Mules scooting seven yards for a touchdown after a reception.

Bryce Mauricio scored on a 49-yard pass and run. Jose Angel Mendoza scored from three yards out. 

Mendoza rushed 12 times for 85 yards, Jesse Easiley carried three times for 11 yards and Evan Paez gained four yards on four carries. Mauricio made three catches for 78 yards and a touchdown. Matt Flores had four receptions for 46 yards and Mario Flores made five catches for 22 yards. Villa snagged one throw for seven yards and a TD. 

Evan Paez led the defense with eight tackles. Brandon Chavez recorded seven tackles, three assists and two tackles for losses. Dominik Hasley had five tackles, two assists, three tackles for losses, a sack, two quarterback hurries and a big hit. 

Villa made for tackles and made three assists. Cameron Hardwick had three tackles, two assists and a quarterback hurry. Blake Parker made two tackles, one assist, broke up a pass and made a big hit. 

The Mules will host the Seagraves Eagles Thursday evening in Benny Douglas Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for immediately after the freshmen game finishes.  

9th Mules vs. Sweetwater Mustangs (9-4-2014)

9th Mules vs. Sweetwater Mustangs (9-4-2014)

The freshmen Mules made the long bus ride on Thursday afternoon to Sweetwater. They improved their record to 1-1 by defeating the Sweetwater Mustangs 26-6. 

Michael Lozano rushed for the Mules first two touchdowns from one and eight yards out. He also rushed for a two-point conversion after the Mules third TD. Isaac Mendoza blasted in from two-yards out before Lozano’s conversion. Arnulfo Hernandez went on a 45-yard romp for the Mules’ insurance touchdowns. 

Lozano carried 12 times for 66 yards while Hernandez rushed six times for 46 yards. Mendoza carried 11 times for 43 yards. 

Coleman Preston led the Mule defense with five solo tackles and seven assists. Carlos Meza made two solo stops, had five assists and sacked the Mustang quarterback. Cesar Olvera had six tackle assists and recovered a fumble while Lozano made two tackles and three assists. Hernandez recorded two solo stops and four assists. 

Billy Tosh caused a fumble. 

The Mules will host the Idalou Wildcats Thursday evening at five PM.