Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mules vs. Littlefield & Friona (2-2 & 5-2016)

Mules vs. Littlefield & Friona (2-2 & 5-2016)

The Mules have been on a roller coaster of late. After defeating the expected district champion Shallowater Mustangs on the road for a high, the Mules fell at home to the Dimmitt Bobcats. The Mules’ decline continued Tuesday when lost to the Littlefield Wildcats 61-49.

Friday the Mules appeared to be back on their way up in the first half when they almost doubled up on the Chieftains 32-17 by the intermission. The Mules started a dive back down and lost most of their advantage in the third quarter. Friona out ran the Mules 17-6 to cut the margin to 38-34 with one period left to play.

The Chiefs jumped in front early in the final quarter. The Mules had to battle back in the final 90 seconds by going six-of-six from the charity line for a 50-45 win. The Mules are currently in a tie for second place with Dimmitt and trail Shallowater by a game.

The Mules fell behind early in the first quarter to the Wildcats and trailed 15-7 after one quarter. Danny Campos and Dagen Dunham took over the Mule offense in the second quarter. Campos got it started with an old-fashion three-point play. Then he added a basket and made a pair of free throws.

Dunham made a steal and drove the floor for a hoop, then made a short jumper and a free throw. Jason Florez hit from near the free throw line to start the second period. The Mules trailed 28-21 at the half. 

The third period was not good for the Mules despite Campos scoring eight points. He made the Mules first second half points three and a half minutes into the quarter with a pair of free throws. He made three more hoops before the quarter ended.

Tony Castillo cleaned up a Mule miss by putting back an offensive rebound. Dunham chipped in one free throw. The Mules trailed 43-32 with eight minutes left in the game. 

Florez made a free throw to start the start the final quarter for the Mules. Jesse Leal scored on an assist from Dunham. Beto Diaz then sank a 3-pointer and added a basket. Antonio Vasquez put back an offensive rebound. Dunham made a steal and scored before he made a free throw and a hoop. Campos finished with a short jumper on a feed from Diaz.

Campos led the Mules in scoring with 17 points and Dunham was close behind with 16 points. Diaz finished with five points and the Mules’ only trey. Vasquez added four points and Florez made three points. Leal and Castillo chipped in two points each.

Campos got the Mules started against Friona with an assist from Leal. He made two more hoops before the period ended with Vasquez making the assists. Dunham scored on an in bound play and then he sank a 3-pointer. He finished the quarter with a jumper from the elbow.

Donovan Gutierrez put back a rebound for two points and Vasquez made a lay up. Florez and Castillo each scored before the period ended with the Mules lead 21-4.

Florez dropped in a 3-pointer from the top of the arc to start the second quarter. Diaz scored with an assist from Aaryn Ross. Campos put back a rebound and sank four consecutive free throws to end the half with the Mules leading 32-17.

Friona was fired up to start the second half. Dunham scored the Mules first points of the third quarter 30 seconds into the quarter. Diaz made a lay up and Campos scored from the blocks. Friona hit a trey at the buzzer to cut the Mule lead to 38-34.

Friona hit back-to-back 3-pointers to start the final period and wrestle the lead from the Mules. Campos put back a pair of rebounds and Dunham made both ends of a pair of one-and-bonus free throws. Florez made two free throws and Diaz finished with a hoop.

Friona had missed a pair of free throws late in the game that left the door open for the Mules to take the lead back.

Campos led the Mules with 18 points and Dunham finished with 13 points. Florez added seven points and Diaz dropped in six points. Castillo, Gutierrez and Vasquez chipped in two points each.

The Mules hosted the Tulia Hornets Tuesday evening and will host the district leading Shallowater Mustangs Friday February 12. The Mules will finish the regular season on the road in Dimmitt February 16 and that game will start at 6:30 PM.

Lady Mules vs. Littlefield & Friona (2-2 & 5-2015)

Lady Mules vs. Littlefield & Friona (2-2 & 5-2015)

The Lady Mules may have played their best basketball of the district season this past week against the Littlefield Lady Cats and Friona Squaws. The Lady Mules started strong in Littlefield with a 22-point first period and followed that with a 16-point opening frame against Friona.

The Lady Mules defeated Littlefield 59-55 and Friona 50-26.

Sydnie Sudduth started the scoring barrage against the Lady Cats with a 3-pointer just 10 seconds into the opening frame. She added a second trey just over a minute later. Conley Niblett also sank a trey mid way through the opening quarter and put back an offensive rebound.

Sadie Sudduth drove to the hoop for a lay up before she took a long rebound and drove coast-to-coast. She battled her way through a foul for a basket and converted the free throw for the old-fashion three-point play.

Sa. Sudduth and Sy. Sudduth both added a final basket during the opening quarter. Yvonne Diaz put back a rebound just prior to the first period buzzer. The Lady Mules led 22-10 at the end of the first quarter.

The Lady Mules cooled down some in the second quarter and the Lady Cats cut the Lady Mule margin to 33-24.

The Cats got off to a fast start in the third period with a 9-0 run but the Lady Mules got fired up and came back strong to out score the Cats 16-14 to lead 49-38 after three quarters.

Niblett got the Lady Mules started with back-to-back assists by Sy. Sudduth that turned into baskets. She would add a third hoop before the quarter ended. Diaz scored in the paint and Brittney Mendoza drained a 3-pointer 40 seconds prior to the quarter ended.

Sa. Sudduth hit a third quarter trey and Sy. Sudduth made a pair of charity tosses.

The Lady Mules drilled a hole in the clock and drained the time away in the final quarter. Niblett made five free throws and Diaz added one. Sa. Sudduth and Sy. Sudduth chipped in two free throws each.

Niblett led the scoring charge for the Lady Mules with 18 points that included one 3-pointer. Sa. Sudduth was just one point behind with 17 points that also included a 3-pointer.

Sy. Sudduth made two first period treys and 14 points. Diaz added five points, Mendoza sank a trey for three points and Reagan Reynolds finished a fast break in the second period for two points.

Sa. Sudduth waited 35 seconds into the game to knock down a 3-pointer in Friona. She later scored a hoop on an in bound play. Emily Precure sank a pair of 3-pointers in the opening quarter and Mendoza sank a trey from the wing. Niblett and Sy. Sudduth both chipped in free throws to give the Lady Mules a 16-6 lead after one quarter.

The Lady Mules continue to hit on all cylinders with Niblett starting the second period with a free throw. She scored in the paint later in the half. Sy. Sudduth line up a shot from behind the arc and sank the trey.

Mendoza followed her lead with her second 3-pointer of the half. Precure made back-to-back lay ups and Hallie Myatt dropped in a short jumper. The Lady Mules led 31-13 at the intermission.

The Lady Mules did not relax at the during the intermission and out scored the Squaws 16-11 in the third period for a 47-24 lead entering the final eight minutes of the game.

Sy. Sudduth took a pass from Sa. Sudduth and drove to the hoop for the Lady Mules first two points of the second half. The Lady Mules used a little inside-out as Niblett made a pass from the blocks to Sa. Sudduth.

Sa. Sudduth had a toe on the arc when she let the ball fly and swish the net for two points. She later picked a Squaws pocket and drove the floor for a lay up. Diaz made a pair of free throws and Niblett added a pair of free throws and then hit from the elbow.

Niblett made the Lady Mules’ only hoop in the final period and Jasmine Garza chipped in a free throw. The Lady Mule defense held Friona to a single hoop in the final period.

Niblett set the scoring pace for the Lady Mules against Friona with 12 points and Precure made all 10 of her points in the first half. Sa. Sudduth finished with nine points. Sy Sudduth and Mendoza added six points each. Esparza, Diaz and Myatt dropped in two points each. Garza chipped in one point.

The Lady Mules wrapped up their regular season Tuesday night when the Tulia Hornets came to Muleshoe.


JV Mules vs. Friona (2-5-2015)

JV Mules vs. Friona (2-5-2015)

The JV Mules eased away from the Friona Chiefs one point in the first period and a second point in the second period. The Mules led 22-20 at the half. The Mules took over the game after the break to defeat the Chiefs 59-34.

Kevin Gonzales got the Mules started with a lay up in the first period. He added a second basket before the quarter ended. Mikey Lozano finished a fast break and Reese Orozco sank a 3-pointer from the wing. Javy Perez hit a pair of baskets and Coleman Preston ended the first period with a hoop in the paint. The Mules led 15-14 after one quarter.

Neither team was as productive in the second period. Orozca made a pair from the charity line. Isaiah Perez took a pass from Ean Hasley to score from 10 feet. Gonzales battled his way through a foul for a lay up and then converted the free throw. The Mules led 22-20 at the intermission.

Perez made a steal and scored to start the third period. He added a free throw and another basket before the period ended. Lozano went coast-to-coast for a hoop and added two more baskets before the quarter ended.

Orozco sank a pair of free throws and hit a short jumper. Mendoza sank a 3-pointer and Preston stuck back a rebound. The Mules out scored Friona 20-6 for a 42-26 lead with one quarter left to play.

Preston turned up the inside heat in the final quarter for four baskets and one free throw. Gonzales made back-to-back lay ups and Perez put back a rebound just prior to the game ending.

Preston led the Mules with 13 points. J. Perez and Gonzales finished with 11 points each. Orozco had nine points and Lozano made eight points. I. Perez scored four points and Mendoza chipped in three points.

The Mules hosted the Tulia Hornets Tuesday night and will take on the Shallowater Mustangs Friday night when they visit the New Muleshoe High School Gymnasium.    

JV Lady Mules vs. Littlefield & Friona (2-2 & 5-2016)

JV Lady Mules vs. Littlefield & Friona (2-2 & 5-2016)

The JV Lady Mules were six-of-six from the free throw line in the first half but dropped down to three-of-22 second half attempts. The Lady Mules fell to the Littlefield Lady Cats 42-33 Tuesday evening.

A slow start Friday took the Lady Mules to their third overtime of the district season. The Lady Mules finally took down the Friona Squaws 31-30.

“We were in the mix until the final period in Littlefield,” said Lady Mule coach Edie Niblett. “We were not able to make a free throw and everything they threw up to the rim went in. Our defense kept us in the game and I am very pleased with adjustments the girls are making on their own. We just have to learn to finish when the game is on the line.”

Brianna Barron and Marilyn Melendez made all two free throws each in the opening period to stay tied with Littlefield at 4-4.

Cassidy Cage scored to start the second period. Barron made a steal and went coast-to-coast twice for two hoops. Melody Moran cleaned up the backside for a put back hoop. Ricarda Elizalde made a pair of free throws and Melendez used an assist from Cage to score from the blocks. The Lady Mules ended the first half tied 16-16.

The free throw troubles started in the third period for the Lady Mules. Melendez started the period by put back an offensive rebound. Moran sank a short jumper and Cage made one of her two free throws. Barron missed two free throws and Liliana Barrera scored just as time ran out. The Lady Mules trailed 24-23 with one quarter left to play.

Val Ambriz made a lay up to start the final quarter. Barron sank three free throws and Barrera made a final hoop. Karla Bustillos sank the lady Mules on trey two minutes before the game ended.

Barron finished with nine points and Melendez added six points. Barrera and Moran dropped in four points each. Bustillos and Cage made three points apiece. Ambriz and Elizalde chipped in two points each.

Friday proved to be better for the Lady Mules despite them getting off to a slow start. So slow they only scored two points in the first period. The Lady Mules began to battle back in the second quarter as they out scored the Squaws 8-6 to just trail Friona 12-10.

The Lady Mules revved their jets in the third quarter to ease in from of Friona 22-21. But they could not hang on to their advantage and the Squaws knotted the game at 27-27 by the end of regulation.

“Another OT,” exclaimed Lady Mule coach Edie Niblett. “I am glad my pacemaker is working really well. It took us a little bit to get warmed up tonight but we finally started making things happen.”

“We were missing some girls because of illness and brought Kyndal Miller up from the freshmen team to help out. We appreciate her willingness to play. Brianna Barron led our defense and was full steam ahead as always along with Lillie Barrera, Marilyn Melendez and Cassidy Cage setting the pace for our offense.”

Barron led the lady Mules with eight points. Cage and Melendez finished with six points each. Barrera added five points and Miller dropped in four points.  Noa Rojas chipped in two points.

The 13-9 and 5-4 Lady Mules completed their two laps of district Tuesday night when the Tulia Hornets traveled to Muleshoe.      

9th Lady Mules vs. Littlefield (2-1-2016)

9th Lady Mules vs. Littlefield (2-1-2016)

The freshmen Lady Mules rolled over the Littlefield Lady Cats 36-14. The Lady Mules mounted a rally in the first period to jump out to a 12-6 lead and never backed off the gas to lead 20-8 at the half.

Natalie Diaz got the rally started for the Lady Mules with a put back of an offensive rebound. AB Mendoza finished a fast break to give the Lady Mules a 4-0 lead before the Cats scored. Kyndal Miller finished a break and Natali Elizalde grabbed an offensive rebound and put it back up for a hoop.

Littlefield sank a trey before Reina Regalado sank an eight-foot jumper. Citalli ended the quarter with a put back that gave the Lady Mules a 12-6 advantage.

Diaz made back-to-back goals in the second period before the Cats finally scored. Vargas and Maddison Price scored before the quarter ended. Price’s shot went down just prior to the buzzer. The Lady Mules led 20-8 at the half.

Keely Dunham ignited the Lady Mules in the third period with a shot in the paint. Miller finished a fast break before Dunham scored her second hoop. Dunham scored again in the paint and R. Regalado hit from the baseline. Littlefield made two free throws before Cassie Regalado chipped in a free throw for a 31-10 Lady Mule lead after three quarters.

Miller converted a free throw for an old-fashion three-point play early in the final quarter. Dunham added a lay up to end the Lady Mule scoring.

Miller led the Lady Mule charge with nine points and Dunham finished with eight points. Vargas, R. Regalado and Diaz added four points each. Mendoza, Elizalde and Price dropped in two points each. C. Regalado chipped in one point.

The Lady Mules put their 8-0 district record on the line Monday when they closed out their season at home against the Friona Maidens.