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Athletic Banquet (Part 2) (4-26-2016)

Athletic Banquet (Part 2) (4-26-2016)

Lady Mule basketball coach, Carey Sudduth, invited the varsity Lady Mules to the stage.

“The Muleshoe Lady Mules had a great year in basketball at all levels,” said Sudduth. “First, we would like to recognize the ninth grade and JV teams. These two teams improved every week and it was a lot of fun to watch them grow and learn to compete on the floor.”

“I want to thank Coach Edie Niblett and Coach Sheri Veazey fro their dedication and hard work with these players. We  are expecting great things from them in the future.”

“The varsity Lady Mules also worked hard every day and competed with determination and class. They ended the year with a 15-14 season record and were 5-5 in one of the toughest districts in the state.”

“We had several big wins over ranked teams, were able to play in a tournament final for the first time in several years and made the playoffs for the second consecutive year,” continued Sudduth. “Our year ended before we were ready but that has just fueled lots of hard work already this spring.”

“We would like to say thanks to our senior class. These girls have been part of our program for six years and set a great example for the young kids coming behind them.”

“Three Lady Mules were named to the District 2-3A team. They are Sadie Sudduth, Conley Niblett and Sydnie Sudduth.”

“We played several different defenses this year and would like to recognize a player who was always in the middle of the action. Her motor never stops and she truly led our defense. The Defensive Player of the Year Award goes to Conley Niblett.”

“Every team needs a player that can do it all. Make a shot, grab a rebound, handle the ball under pressure, defend anywhere on the floor and say the right thing in the huddle. We had one of those players, our Most Versatile Player Award goes to Sydnie Sudduth.”

“We ran a variety of plays on offense as well as several different defensive sets. We needed someone to always keep us organized and where we needed to be. She made big plays all year and was the leader every day in lots of ways. Our Most Valuable Player Award goes to Sadie Sudduth.”

Mule basketball coach, Clay White, was next to the stage and invited the Mule varsity to join him.

“The freshmen Mules were coached by John Jay. This squad had an impressive year finishing with a record of 11-6 and tied for the best record in district with only one loss. They were known for being coachable and playing sound team basketball.”

“Bryan Loera coached the JV Mules and ended their season with a winning record of 13-8 and were 6-4 in district. They were known for offensive execution and taking charges on defense.”

“They finished second in the Abernathy Antelope Tournament and there is no doubt our program is in good hands with these two groups of young men.”

“With all the success in football Mule basketball was a little late to the party. It took us no time to find success as we won the Abernathy Tournament with a decisive victory over the Wall Hawks.”

“The Mules continued to gather momentum into district play by winning six straight games that included home wins over Littlefield and Shallowater. We finished second in a competitive district and fell just short of a district championship in spite of some untimely injuries.”

“The momentum extended to the Texas State Basketball Playoffs with a Bi-District Championship over Spearman, 58-35. The Mules fell to the state ranked Kermit Yellow Jackets, continued White.”

“The Mule had four players receive All-District honors. Dagen Dunham was the Defensive Co-MVP, Daniel Campos was named to the first team All-District. Jesse Leal and Beto Diaz were named as Honorable Mention. Dunham also earned All-Region honors.”

“The Mules will graduate a special group of seniors in Tony Castillo, Aaryn Ross, Antonio Vasquez, Gabriel Reza and Daniel Campos. We are grateful for their contributions to the program and to the school.”

“As we now recognize our award winners, let us remember that these individual honors are made possible through successes and sacrifices of the team.”

“The Iron Man Award belongs to a player that demonstrates toughness on and off the floor and understands the value of sacrifice. Two Players earned this gritty title. The first overcame a serious knee injury and trained relentlessly to recover and help his team.”

“The next is known for his self-sacrifice by taking charges, diving for loose balls and suffocating defense. The Iron Man Award goes to Jason Florez and Tony Castillo.”

“The Defender Award belongs to a special type of player that takes pride on the defensive end. To call him ‘pesky’ and ‘annoying’ to the opponent would be an understatement. Opponent ball handlers tremble at the mention of his name. Jesse Leal earns this year’s Defender Award.”

“The MVP Award is given to a player that is both highly skilled and driven to make the team better. The Mules were fortunate to have two players that fit the bill. They led the team in blocks, rebounds and points. Both were forces to be reckoned with in the paint and were also tenacious defenders.”

“This year’s MVP Award goes to Daniel Campos and Dagen Dunham.”

Muleshoe power lifting coach, Albert Lopez, brought all the Lady Mule and Mule Powerlifting team to the stage.

“This year’s team worked extremely hard in the weight room to increase personal records and overall totals,” said Lopez. “The experienced lifters did an outstanding job of leading this team at practice and at the meets. This is a hard working group that competed well and improved every week.”

“Our Regional Qualifier was Evan Paez and being named to the Academic All-State 2016 First Team was Eric Vela.”

“The Girl’s MVP Award goes to Noa Rojas. The Boy’s MVP Award goes to Eric Vela.”

Muleshoe High School tennis coach, Jody Wood, brought all 48 members of the tennis team to the stage.

“I want to introduce this year’s Medalist from the District Tournament,” said J. Wood. “Our varsity medalist is Cassidy Cage. She won the bronze medal in Girls Singles.”

“The JV Medalist include Luke Leal with the gold medal in Boy’s Singles, Yavet Elizalde won the silver medal in Boy’s Singles. Sophia Sianez won the gold medal in Girl’s Singles and Laura Chavez earned the bronze medal in Girl’s Singles.”

“Lily Barrera and Conley Niblett won the gold medal in Girl’s Doubles, Noemi Herrera and Jackie Rayas earned the silver medal in Girl’s Doubles and Anghy Avilez and Xiomara Regalado took the bronze medal in Girl’s Doubles.”

“Dezzy Gutierrez and Antonio Vasquez won the gold medal in Mixed Doubles and Rachelle Whitworth and Izaiah Perez earned the bronze medal in Mixed Doubles.”

“This large group worked hard and were fun to coach,” continued J. Wood. “We competed in six tournaments and played approximately 459 matches.”

“The tennis awards go to these players. The Tennis Fighting Heart goes to Luke Leal. The Tennis MVP Award goes to Cassidy Cage.”

The Muleshoe High School golf coach, Carey Sudduth asked the Lady Mule and Mule golf teams to the stage.

“The Mules golf team competed all year,” said Sudduth. “Several of these guys are just getting started and they were coachable and made progress every day. Conner Harrison played two very solid rounds  during the district competition and won his third individual District Championship.”

“He played in the Region I golf tournament in Abilene. He followed a tough first day with an excellent round of 77 on the second day to finish fifteenth out of 96 golfers.”

“The Lady Mules golf team had a successful season,” continued Sudduth. “They earned medals at two invitational tournaments and finished second at the district meet. This earned them a trip to Abilene’s Region I golf tournament.”

“The girls had a tough first day in the Region I tournament. They responded the second day with much better scores and were able to come back to finish tenth in the team standings. It was a great experience for all the girls.”

“The Boy’s Golf Award goes to Conner Harrison. The Girl’s Golf Award goes to Sydnie Sudduth.”

Lady Mule track coach, John Jay, invited the Lady Mule track team to the stage.

“I would like to recognize Coach Edie Niblett and the JV Lady Mule track team,” said Jay. “For several years we have not had enough girls to have a JV team but that streak was broke this year. The Lady Mule track program had 43 girls participating and competing.”

“The JV girls went to three meets and placed third in the District Meet. The coaches asked most of these girls to compete in event that were not their favorite but they were still willing to run. This is a reflection of their unselfish attitudes and their desire to run any race to help the team to win.”

“The varsity girls won first place at the Dimmitt track meet and finished fourth in the District meet,” continued Jay. “Each athlete competed extremely hard and contributed in their own way to help the team.”

“The qualifiers for the Region I Meet are: Lili Martinez, Kyndal Miller, Conley Niblett, Mireya Ruvalcaba, Jasmin Arellano, Blanca Ramirez, Natali Elizalde and Reina Regalado.”

“The Newcomer of the Year Award goes to Kyndal Miller. The Best in Field Events Award goes to Conley Niblett. The Most Improved Runner Award goes to Marilyn Melendez. The Workhorse Award goes to Blanc Ramirez and Mireya Ruvalcaba. The Track MVP Award goes to Lili Martinez.”

Mule track coach, Wes Wood, brought the varsity Mule track team to the stage.

“I would like to recognize the JV boys track team,” said W. Wood. “These young men finished in first place and were the District Champs in the JV Division. There were man first place finishes in multiple events and races. These guys won nearly every meet they went to even with three or four of them getting bumped to varsity. I appreciate their hard work.”

“The varsity team competed extremely well all season and almost came away with a district championship. They finished as the runner-ups in a very competitive district. It is definitely a season for the record books.”

“The Region I qualifiers,” continued W. Wood. “Are as follows: Danny Campos, Beto Diaz, Dagen Dunham, Cesar Olvera, Evan Paez, Yoel Reyes, Aaryn Ross, Tre Villa and Joe Waggoner.”

“Honorable Mentions for track awards are Tre Villa, Beto Diaz, Dagen Dunham and Danny Campos. The Newcomer of the Year Award goes to Yoel Reyes. The Best in Field Events Award goes to Cesar Olvera. The Most Improved Award goes to Joe Waggoner. The Workhorse Award goes to Evan Paez. The Track MVP Award goes to Aaryn Ross.”

The Mule varsity baseball team along with their coach, Wes Boatmun, were invited to the stage and the JV Mule baseball team were asked to stand.

“These young men have practiced hard and competed well all year long in spite of the restrictive rules inherent in the game of baseball which, especially with a group so large as this, always compromise playing time,” said Boatmun.

“When these guys came to us in January, their hearts were full, but it seemed that it was going to take a great amount of work to get their heads caught up to where those hearts were. So we set to on their baseball brains, covering everything from how to throw to when to know not to throw and everything in-between.”

“They have come such a long way in what now truly seems such a short amount of time. Please help me in congratulating these young men on their hard work this season.”

“Have you ever eaten one of those chocolate-covered pretzels? You know, the ones that are sweet and salty at the same time? And occasionally, they’re even anointed in caramel, or nougat, or some other glory. And then they get stuck in your teeth, and you wish you hadn’t eaten them, but you’re glad, at the same time, that you did?”

“Those wonderful little explosions of flavor! How should you describe them? As a rule, are they sweet, or are they salty? Are they chewy, or are they crunchy? And, at the end of the day, and more importantly, are they good for you, or are they not?”

“Well I have decided that our team is like a pretzel,” continued Boatmun. “Why? Well, where better to begin than with the obvious? In the beginning, we were a little twisted. We were certainly a mystery, and try as we may, we couldn’t seem to get on the same page on the same day.”

“At times, it seemed as if this team, myself included, was trying to wear its shoes on the wrong feet, backwards, even. Perhaps we paid too much attention to making sure our shoes were tied and not enough to making sure they were the right fit.”

“Well , it’s not much fun to play any sport with sore feet, so we’ve searched for ways to straighten ourselves out to maximize our production and best benefit our team. At times, we have competed at the highest of levels against some of the best competition that the state has to offer. And at times, we have don also the reverse.”

“We have learned much about ourselves, too, along the way. Our experiences have given us a better idea of who we are, and what we actually have inside of us. As the season is coming to a close, and with a little more perspective, I still think we resemble a pretzel, but not because we are twisted.”

“Rather, because we are together, tightly-wound, and working faithfully to keep ourselves that way. We have no egos on this team to compromise the team. What we do have is a wonderful chemistry of personalities, sort of like salt and chocolate, that blend together and complement one another as well as any team that I have ever been a part of.”

“I am proud of the selflessness of these guys, and, in spite of our record, they are one of the funnest (sp), most optimistic, most together groups I’ve ever had the pleasure to coach. We look forward to our continued development as a team, and to our journey in the playoffs.”

“At this time, we would like to honor a few special players with the presentation of individual awards.”

“The Offensive Player of the Year Award goes to a young man who led the team in multiple categories, including batting average, extra-base hits, RBI’s, and fewest strikeouts. With runners in scoring position, there was no one you’d rather have at the plate than Danny Campos. Congratulations, Danny, on a stellar season at the plate.”

“The Defensive Player of the Year Award goes to a young man who led our team in fielding percentage, and who finished second only to our catcher in put-outs. When the ball went into the air in his direction, it was as good as guaranteed to be caught for an out. Congratulations to Bryce Mauricio, our defensive player of the year.”

“The Pitcher of the Year Award goes to a young man who has the lowest ERA of any pitcher on our team. He actually has the lowest ERA of any Muleshoe pitcher for as long as I can remember. And we’ve had some good ones. You pitcher of the year is Jason Florez. Congratulation, Jason, and, by all means, keep up the good work.”

“The New-Comer of the Year Award goes to a young man with a unique skill set that allows him to fill a variety of roles. This one, in particular, shows the most plate discipline of anyone on our team, and leads our team in runs scored and walks drawn. Congratulations to JoJo Rejino, our 2016 New-Comer of the Year.”

“The Most Improved Player Award goes to a young man who has worked day-in and day-out to better himself, and who has shown the most growth of any player on our team. This young man has stayed the course where others may have not, and has slowly and surely worked his way into a starting role in our line-up. Our Most Improved Player is Jaxon Lee.”

“Our Team MVP Award goes to the best all-around player in our program. This year’s recipient can hit, can pitch, and can play defense better than most player out there. He makes the had plays look easy; he excels at the mental game. He has been a great student and a mainstay of our program.”

“He also has a future in baseball, should he decide to pursue it. I can hear those pipes calling, Danny, but I’m not sure what they’re saying. Is it football? Or is it baseball? Either way, send me some free tickets. Please help me in honoring Danny Campos, our 2016 Team MVP.”

“Coach Sturdivant and I wish to express a special thanks to our players for their commitment and hard work, our fellow coaches for their help, consideration, and sharing, and the player’s families for their continued encouragement.”

Coach Ryan Miller and the Lady Mule varsity softball team were the final team to the stage.

“The JV Lady Mules are coached by Sheri Veazey and they improved over the year,” said Miller. They finished the season with a record of 6-3-1. I am proud of the effort and growth of this team and I am excited about the future of the Muleshoe Softball Program.”

“The varsity faced some really tough teams in our pre-district play that helped us prepare for district. One of those teams being Forsan, which turned out to be one of our favorite memories of the season. We were down 15-4 early in the game and came back to win the game in the bottom of the seventh inning with a game winning double by senior Sasha Esparza.”

“Our current record is 7-7  with a district record of 4-2. We will be playing Childress in the Bi-District round of the playoffs Friday and Saturday in Hermleigh.”

“I want to thank our three seniors for their hard work and it has been a privilege to be your coach. You will be missed greatly in seasons to come. I also want to tell Coach Veazey thank you for being a positive role model for our kids and making my first year in Muleshoe a great one.”

“I would be remiss if I did not thank Coach David Wood for answering countless questions and for his support of the softball program. Also the maintenance department, who have spent countless hours working on our field to give us the best playing surface possible.”

“We could not have had a softball season without any of these people and the softball team is truly blessed to have such a support team. We are not handing out awards at this time but will wait until our season ends.”

Sergio Leal lead the crowd in the benediction. 



Athletic Banquet (Part One) (4-26-2016)

Athletic Banquet (Part One) (4-26-2016)

The Muleshoe Athletic Boosters honored and celebrated with the Lady Mule and Mule athletes Tuesday evening in both the Commons Area and Kerry Moore Auditorium of Muleshoe High School. River Smiths served those in attendance with all the catfish, chicken, beans along with all the trimmings.

Following the meal the festivities was moved to the auditorium for the presentation of awards.

Coach Wes Wood did the Senior Spotlight with each MHS athlete stepping into the spotlight and Coach W. Wood read the highlights along with the memorable moment for each athlete.

The Legends Award was presented by Coach Jody Wood.

“I ask Coach Wood who qualifies for our Legends Award,” said Coach J. Wood. “he said it is someone who is a very well-known, loyal Muleshoe Mule fan and supporter. This year’s winner is that and more.”

“For her 10 years of life, she was a notorious, loyal Muleshoe Mule fan and cheerleader. She is probably leading everyone in heaven right now with the chant, We love the Mules, We love the Mules.” She probably has the angels singing “Arise Ye Men of Muleshoe High School.” I wouldn’t doubt if she has already convinced God that the Muleshoe Mules can’t be beat.”

“She has been a huge blessing to all of us. It was said at her service last week that she thought she was a coaches’ kid. And she was, she was everyone’s kid. Everyone loved her and thought they were her favorite.”

“Tonight let us honor and remember our favorite Muleshoe Mule fan and cheerleader.”

“Our 2016 Legends Award goes to Hanna Simmons.”

Hanna Simmons’ Mom, Dad, Grandparents and Uncle accepted the Legends Award for her.

The Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders were invited to the stage and their sponsor Kit Diaz said, “The MHS cheerleaders had a great year. I am proud of these girls and their hard work and dedication in supporting the Mules and Lady Mules.”

“The Varsity this year had two seniors; Shyanne Carpenter and Marissa Reyes. The juniors on the squad were; Brylee Beall, Brittany Mendoza, Reagan Reynolds and Erika Arzola and the mascot was Conley Niblett.”

The Junior Varsity cheerleaders this year were; Natalie Diaz, Kayla Torres, Kensey Parker, Kyndal Miller, Brianna Barron and Melody Moran.”

The student athletic trainers for the year were the next to the stage along with Coach Crystal Miller.

“The Student Athletic Trainers for the 2015-2016 school year were; Zoey Apodaca, Randy Lieurance, Samantha Cortez, Gaby Gonzalez, Daisy Montejano, Brendon Rodriguez, Haili Gardner, Kaley Herrera and Valentina Platas,” said Coach C. Miller.

“We cannot begin to thank you all enough for the countless hours you have given to the sports teams of Muleshoe High School. You have worked diligently to ensure the safety of our athletes and I could not have done my job without you. Thank you for everything and your contributions do not go unnoticed.”

“At this time, I would like to recognize the Student Athletic Trainer of the Year. This young lady has worked hard all year taking care of the athletes. She is always wanting and willing to learn. She has been a great asset to this program. The Student Athletic Trainer of the Year Award goes to Gaby Gonzalez.”

The Varsity football team was the next group invited to the stage along with Coach David Wood.

As the Varsity Mules joined him on the stage the Freshman team was asked to stand and be recognized.

“The Freshman Football team had an excellent year,” said Coach D. Wood. “They were coached by Coach Clay White and Coach Bryan Loera. They had a record of 6-2-1. These guys just love to play the game. We have not seen a group of boys who get so excited about the everyday grind like this guys.”

“They show up ready to work every single day. Not only did it show on Thursday nights during the football season but throughout the whole year. These guys are hungry and will carry the torch in coming years. You will see some of these guys in a varsity uniform next year.”

The JV Mules were the next group to be asked to stand and be recognized.

“This team is coached by Coach John Jay and Coach David Sturdivant,” continued Coach D. Wood. “This team ended their season with a 6-4 record and a district record of 4-1. They overcome many obstacles as the year went along. They started four different quarterbacks in one year and that is difficult to do but this didn’t keep them from giving the varsity a great look on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.”

“The Varsity coaches robbed them of a number of players as the season progressed but that didn’t slow them down on Thursday nights. Their work ethic has risen to a higher level for the last few months and this will help fill many varsity spots next year. These guys had a little taste of that already, remember the three touchdown they scored at the end of our first playoff game this year.”

“Entering the 2015 season we had to find some lineman and find them fast. We only had one returning lineman coming back from the previous year. In our opener against a powerful Levelland team that was picked to win their 4-A district we quickly discovered we had found our lineman and cruised to a 46-15 victory.”

“The following week we found ourselves in a dogfight against a 2A powerhouse, Seagraves. At the end of regulation we found our new field goal kicker, Bryce Mauricio. He, in his first ever game situation booted a game winning 26-yard field goal with no time left on the clock.”

“Our momentum and confidence grew as we beat a very good Perryton team 52-37 and Kermit 58-7 to finish out our non-district schedule.”

“Our level of play continued to rise in district as we beat River Road 59-0, Friona 43-0, Childress 47-13 and Dimmitt 47-6. The season had continued to build for the ’War on 84’ with the Littlefield Wildcats.”

We had beaten Littlefield the previous year in the waning moments of the game and knew they would be our for revenge. But at the end of the day the 42-25 victory would belong to the Mules and we ended the regular season with a 9-1 record.

The first Playoff game was against an insurgent Slaton team who had not seen the playoffs in several years. But how would you like it if you finally make the playoffs only to find out you have to play the Mules. We won the game 76-25.”

“The victory ensured a rematch between us and Breckenridge. The Buckaroos had knocked us out of the Playoffs last season. A hard fought first three quarters of play made us feel like the season was slowly drawing to a close.”

“We just couldn’t put points on the board as they would run time off the clock with their time efficient running attack. It wasn’t until Tony Castillo recovered a muffed punt and gave us new life. Momentum had swung to our side as we gained confidence.”

“The tide had turned and now they were the ones who couldn’t do anything right. When the final horn blew we embraced a 31-20 victory and reached the third round of the State Playoffs.”

Unfortunately we found ourselves pretty beaten up at this point of the season and even though we fought tooth and nail against Shallowater. We just didn’t have enough gas in the tank to go the four quarters and our season ended with a 35-21 loss with a record of 11-2.”

“When the season was over these guys found their way into the Muleshoe record book. They set a new record for Yards per Game in a single season by averaging 516 yards per game. Great job Mules.”

“I would like to thank all the coaches for their time and effort this season. Wes Boatmun, Wes Wood, John Jay, David Sturdivant, Clay White, Bryan Loera, Steven Brown, Albert Lopez and Ryan Miller. I want to also than Crystal Miller and the student trainers for the countless hours they put in during the season. Our accomplishments would not be possible without all of their efforts.”

The first set of awards presented by Coach D. Wood were the Wall of Fame presentation.

“We have four inductees to the Wall of Fame this year,” said Coach D. Wood.

“Our first recipient is a gentleman who enjoyed playing varsity football for three years. He was a player that filled many rolls for us. He was selected to the All-District First Team for two consecutive years. Please congratulate Antonio Vasquez.”

“The second inductee is another young man that played varsity football for three years and was selected to the All-District First Team for the last two years. He had a major knee injury last year but was determined to make it back to the playing field for his senior year. Please congratulate Josh Lopez.”

“Our third inductee is another three-year starter and three-year captain. He was named to the First Team Texas Sports Writers Association All-State Team. He will be attending Simpson College in Iowa this fall to play football. Please give a big hand to Jaxon Lee.”

“Our final inductee to be honored is a young man who blossomed this year. He is also a three-year starter and a three-year captain. He was name the District I 3A Most Valuable Player. He was the Built Ford Tough Player of the Week. Named the All South Plains Super Team Quarterback. An he was the TSWA First Team All-State Quarterback. He will attend Wayland Baptist University this fall and play football. Please give Danny Campos a huge round of applause.”

Coach D. Wood next recognized the Mule captains.

“I want to recognize the captains of the year’s football team. These guys were voted on by their teammates and are the backbone of the team. They did a great job of carrying out and maintaining the duties of Team Captain. Thank you for your leadership and character.”

“Our captains for 2015 were Beto Diaz, Matt Flores and Dagen Dunham. We also had two three-year captains Jaxon Lee and Danny Campos.”

“The Most Improved Player Award goes to a guy that has no regard for his body. This years’ Most Improved Player Award goes to Tony Castillo.”

“This year there are two Offensive Player Award recipients. Unfortunately they were both injured at the end of the season. Who knows where we would have ended up at the end had they both stayed healthy. This years Offensive Player Award goes to Jason Florez and Josh Lopez.”

“The Defensive Player Award goes to a junior. Please congratulate this year’s Defensive Player Award recipient, Dagen Dunham.”

“The Most Outstanding Player Award goes to a player that has played every offensive and defensive line position in his career at Muleshoe. This years’ Most Outstanding Player Award goes to Jaxon Lee.”

“The Football Most Valuable Player-Fighting Heart Award goes to a young man that you would think that nothing ever bothers him as he always has a smile on his face. This years’ Most Valuable Player-Fighting Heart Award goes to Danny Campos.”

Cross Country coach Edie Niblett invited all the boys and girls that participated in Cross Country to come to the stage.

“The JV girls placed first at the district meet with seven of them placing in the top 10,” said Coach Niblett. “Citlalli Vargas finished third with a time of 15 minutes and 21 seconds and Kyndal Miller placed fifth with a time of 15:54.00. Other members of the JV District Champions are Blanca Ramirez, Jennifer Cervantes, Kayla Torres, Brianna Barron, Cassidy Cage, Sophie Reyna, Lillie Barrera and Denisse Ramirez.”

“The JV boys won district as well with Jesse Leal leading the JV by placing third. Other members of the team are Malachi Rodriquez, Mario DeHoyos, Luke Leal, Izaiah Perez, Fabian Valadez and Ean Hasley.”

“The Varsity girls placed first at the District Meet with the help of freshmen, Liliana Martinez being the gold medalist with a time of 13:07.00. Two other freshmen placed in the top ten. They are Alyssa Wheeler and Dellany Martinez. Other members of the district winning team are Mireya Ruvulcaba, Reina Regalado, Jasmine Garza and Ricarda Elizalde. It was great having a complete team compete at regional and they ran very well but were unable to advance to the Texas State Meet.”

“The Varsity boys team consisted of Evan Paez, Edyy Elizalde, Jacob Kettner, Ethan Gonzales, Jose Nava, Kevin Gonzales and Eduardo Pantoja. Paez was the silver medalist at district with a time of 17:59.00 earning him a trip back to Lubbock for the Region I Meet. He had another great time of 17:25.00 and qualified to attend the Texas State Meet in Round Rock for the second straight year.”

“This has been another successful season for Cross Country. Our numbers show we will be successful for several years to come with 21 freshmen coming into the program and we are only graduating four seniors. A special thanks goes to Jasmine Garza, Denisse Ramirez, Blanca Ramirez and Edyy Elizalde for being great leaders of our team.”

“I want to thank Coach Sudduth, Coach Veazy, Coach King and Coach Lowery for all their help and support to the Cross Country program.”

“The Mule Cross Country Newcomer of the Year Award goes to Eduardo Pantoja. The Lady Mule Cross Country Newcomer of the Year Award goes to Citalli Vargas. The Mule pride Awards goes to Edyy Elizalde, Jacob Kettner, Mireya Ruvulcaba and Blanca Ramirez.”

“The Lady Mule MVP Award is presented to Liliana Martinez and the Mule MVP Award goes to Evan Paez.”            

Mules vs. River Road Bi-District (5-6&7-2016)

Mules vs. River Road Bi-District (5-6&7-2016)

The young Mule baseball team gained playoff experience and said goodbye to their three seniors Friday and Saturday. The Mules tangled with the District 1-3A champion River Road Wildcats in the best two-of-three Bi-District games.

The Wildcats brought hot bats to Lockney Longhorn Diamond and out hit and out scored the Mules. River Road came back from a 3-0 deficit in Friday’s game to defeat the Mules 16-3.

Saturday afternoon the Mules struggled to get out of the third inning. The Wildcats scored nine runs in the top of the third inning to lead the Mules 16-0. The Mules fought back and held the Wildcats to a single run after that and scored two runs in the bottom of the fourth and three in the fifth.

The Wildcats won the game 17-5 and received the Bi-District gold glove.

Bryce Mauricio took the count full before drawing a leadoff walk to start Friday’s game. Ryan Rodriguez was hit by the first pitch thrown to him. Both Mauricio and Rodriguez advanced on a passed ball.

Jason Florez laid down a sacrifice bunt that scored Mauricio from third base. Danny Campos blasted a ground ball just out of the reach of the short stop for an RBI single that scored Rodriguez from second base.

A throwing error by the pitcher allowed Campos to advance to second base. He then stole third base and came home a second throwing error by the pitcher attempting to pick him off third base. The Mules led 3-0 going into the bottom of the first inning.

The Mules could not push another run across the plate.

River Road sent 10 batters to the plate in the first inning and scored six runs, added three runs in the second inning and seven in the fourth inning.

The Wildcats must have kept their bats in an oven over night because they were still hot on Saturday.

A ground rule double, a walk and a home run jumpstarted the Wildcats Saturday afternoon. The scored four runs in the top of the first inning and added three runs in the bottom of the second inning.

The third inning seemed to go on forever as the Wildcats scored nine runs.

Reese Orozco sent a groundball back up the middle for a base hit to leadoff the bottom of the fourth inning. A passed ball allowed him to go to second base. Jaxon Lee drew a one out walk on four straight pitches. A pitch bounced away from the catcher to send Orozco to third base and Lee to second.

Jacob DeLeon lined a single up the middle to score both Orozco and Lee.

Raul Sierra groundball tied the second baseman hands and he reached on the first base on the error. A wild pitch advanced Sierra to second base. Florez walked and Campos hit into a fielder’s choice that forced out Florez at second and Sierra went to third.

A base hit by Orozco scored Sierra and Campos went to third. Moises Vasquez sent a groundball to the shortstop. The shortstop scooped up the ball and threw to first base but the first baseman allowed the ball to bounce off his glove. Campos and Orozco were both running on the play and scored on the error.

The young Mules could not extend the game. It was the final time Campos, Lee and Mauricio would wear a Mule uniform.