Tuesday, May 13, 2014

State Golf Tourny (4-30 & 5-1-14)

State Golf Tourny (4-30 & 5-1-14)

Lariat Adams won the Texas State Golf Individual Silver Medal May 1 with a two round total of 158 strokes. She had won the Region I Individual Silver Medal on the Ratliff Golf Course to qualify for the State Tourney. 

The tournament was held on the Roy Kiser Golf Course that is built around a lake with many of the holes that dogleg around and over water. Par on the course is 71 and the challenge is to decide on the line to hit the tee shot and how much a player wants to challenge the water. 

“Lariat (Adams) is a good player,” said Mule golf coach Carey Sudduth. “She has played in a lot of big tournaments and has a lot of experience. We played a practice round to get an idea of the layout of the course.”

“She proved to have one big advantage over the other players in that she could out drive the other girls by 50 to 60 yards. She really did a good job of coming up with a game plan during that practice round.”

“Lariat played well the first day but had trouble putting the ball. Several holes she had to  three putt because of missed short putts. But Lariat did not get frustrated and let that mess up her long game. She just continue to play her game.”

She finished the first round and was frustrated by her play and was afraid she was to far behind. But that all changed when the final results were posted and she was just three shots out of first place and tied for fourth place. 

“When she saw the results after the first day she got very excited,” Sudduth said. “She was very determined the next morning and played a wonderful round of golf. Her ball striking was very good and her putting improved.”

Adams had one bad hole on the back nine with a bogie eight on the eleventh hole. She played very strong the rest of the way and completed the course with a round of 77. 

“The waiting may have been the hardest part of the tournament for Lariat,” continued Sudduth. “We had no way of knowing what the other contenders were doing, so she got very excited to see her score was better than most of the other players.”

“The last scores to go on the board were the leaders from the first day and when the last score was posted  we knew Lariat had finished in second place. It was a great experience for her.”

“Lariat is a great kid and represented our school and our community with class in Austin. I was very proud of her,” Sudduth concluded.

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