Sunday, March 8, 2015

THSWPA Girls Reg 1 Div 3 Championship’s @ Mertzon(3-6-15)

THSWPA Girls Reg 1 Div 3 Championship’s @ Mertzon(3-6-15)

Brianna Barron competed in the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association Region I Division 3 Championships Friday at Merton, Texas. Barron was ranked ninth in the Region when the competition began.

“Brianna (Barron) has worked extremely hard this season,” said Muleshoe High School Powerlifting coach, Kirk Byrd. “She has been getting up at 6:30 AM to workout around her busy schedule.”

“She made the decision to go for an automatic qualification to the Texas State Meet rather than play it safe and know for sure she would get a medal. She attempted to deadlift 225 pounds and got it off the floor but could not complete the lift.”

“But on the positive side Brianna still won the fifth place medal and was just 15 pounds short of the automatic qualifying total of 495 pounds. She is a hard working young lady and deserves all of her success.”

“It was very nice to have several members of Brianna’s family in attendance to show their support for her. I also want to thank Noa Rojas for her assistance at the meet to both Brianna and me.” 

Barron raised her personal best in both the squat lift and bench press. She had a squat lift of 190 pounds and bench pressed 80 pounds. Barron had a deadlift of 210 pounds on her second attempt. She went for the automatic bid on her final attempt but could not complete her attempt with 225 pounds.

Mule power lifters, Evan Paez and David Rodriguez, will compete in the Region I Meet March 14 in Sundown, Texas. Paez is currently tied for fourth in the 114 pound class and Rodriguez is seventh in the 275 pound class.  

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