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JV Mules vs. Dimmitt (10-29-2015)

JV Mules vs. Dimmitt (10-29-2015)

The JV Mules rolled over the Bobcats of Dimmitt 34-6 Thursday night in their final home appearance in Benny Douglas Stadium for 2015.

The Mules had to overcome a blocking in the back penalty on a play that went for a touchdown. Mikey Lozano held onto the ball on an option play around the right side and raced 67-yards to the end zone.

After the penalty was assessed the Mules had a first down on the Dimmitt 45. A procedure penalty backed the Mules up to midfield before Lozano passed to JoJo Rejino for 14 yards.

Lozano then tossed a fade to Tim Perez racing down the Mule sideline for a 36-yard touchdown. Lozano threw to Joe Waggoner in the end zone for the two-point conversion. The Mules led 8-0 with 6:26 remaining in the opening period.

Jaime Ceja kicked off for the Mules to the Dimmitt 24 and the Bobcats returned eight yards to the Dimmitt 32. Lozano and Josh Torres recorded tackles on the first two downs. An incomplete pass forced the Bobcats to punt.

Dimmitt started the Bobcats only scoring drive on the Mule 34. A 22-yard pass play advanced the ball to the Mule 12 as the first quarter ended. Fidel Mendoza made the tackle on first down. Josh Torres sacked the quarterback.

A questionable roughing the passer penalty cost the Mules half the distance and gave the Bobcats first down on the Mule five. Dimmitt still required four downs to score on a one-yard run. The Mules blocked the extra point kick to cling to an 8-6 lead with 7:33 left in the first half.   

Perez returned the ensuing Dimmitt kickoff 39 yards to the Bobcat 47. Lozano connected with Rejino and he powered ahead for six yards. A couple of penalties backed the Mules up to the Mule 47.

Lozano kept the ball on an option for 21 yards. A holding penalty cost the Mules another touchdown but they still had a first down on the Dimmitt 14. Lozano carried for five yards on first down. Perez took the option pitch from Lozano for the final nine yards for a TD and gave the Mules a 14-6 lead at the half.

The Mule offense sputtered on the first possession and was forced to punt.

Isaac Mendoza intercepted a Bobcat pass at the Mule 17 and was immediately tackled. The Mules reached midfield on a run by Lozano despite a block in the back penalty. Waggoner gained three yards up the middle on first down.

Lozano then held on to the ball wide left for 23 yards to the Dimmitt 27. Waggoner busted up the middle for seven yards. Lozano hit Rejino with a screen pass. Rejino refused to go down and dragged defenders to the Dimmitt eight-yard line for a first down.

Perez went up the middle found a seam up the middle for a touchdown. Perez faked the PAT and Sergio Solano went up the middle for the two-point conversion. The Mules had increased their margin to 22-6 with 4:18 on the clock in the third quarter.

The Bobcats reached midfield before a fumble gave the Mules the ball at the Mule 47.

Waggoner pounded the ball up the middle on back-to-back plays for five and eight yards. Lozano kept on the option and hit the jets after making the corner for a 40 yard touchdown for a 28-6 Mule lead with 1:26 remaining in the third quarter.

Ceja boomed the kickoff to the Dimmitt 15 and raced down field to make the tackle at the Dimmitt 45. Lozano jumped the Bobcat route at the Mule 32 and returned to the Dimmitt 49.

The Mules kept the ball on the ground to take time off the clock. Waggoner gained six yards before Solano took a reverse pitch eight yards. Waggoner blasted up the middle for six yards.

Lozano passed to Jacob Kettner for 12 yards on the first play of the final quarter. Waggoner broke up the middle for seven more yards. Lozano connected with I. Mendoza running a post pattern at the goal line for the final TD of the game.

The Mules will hit the road for the final game of the season at Littlefield against the Wildcats.   

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