Thursday, September 25, 2014

JV Mules vs. Perryton (9-19-14)

JV Mules vs. Perryton (9-19-14)

The JV Mules continue to supply players to the Mule varsity on a weekly basis but continue to find ways to win. The Mules defeated the Perryton Rangers Thursday evening 32-22.

The Mules took the opening kick and drove their 35 to the Perryton 23 before a fumble cost the Mules the ball.

The Rangers had a first-and-10 at the Mule 33 when Bryce Mauricio fought through a hold for a tackle seven yards behind the line of scrimmage. Tim Perez made the stop on third down leaving the Rangers seven-yards short of a first. Jose Angel Mendoza battled through a block and made the stop for no gain.

The Mules took over on downs at the Mule 30. Jesse Easiley went up the middle for a 13-yard gain. Mendoza carried wide right for an eight yard gain. Mendoza tossed to Matt Flores flying down the Perryton side line for a 49-yard touchdown with 2:28 left in the opening period. The Mules led 6-0.

Perryton returned the ensuing kick to the Mule 40 before Mauricio made the stop. Evan Paez made the stop on first down and an offensive facemask penalty backed the Rangers up to the Mule 43. Brando Chavez blasted into the Ranger backfield for a four-yard loss. The Rangers punted to the Mule 15.

The two teams exchanged punts as the second period started and the Ranger punt rolled dead on the Mule 11.

Easily took a pitch from Mendoza and scooted nine yards on first down. Mendoza kept wide right for 14 yards for a first down. An inside screen from Mendoza to Mario Flores was good for seven yards.

Mendoza scooted for 11 yards on first down. He then tossed to Chavez running a slant over the middle for 19 yards to the Ranger 26. Mendoza carried to the nine to give the Mules a first and goal with just under a minute left in the first half.

The Mules could not move on the first three plays. The Rangers were off sides on fourth down to advance the Mules to the five-yard line. Easily scored on a pitch from Mendoza with 29 seconds left in the half. Mendoza tossed to Easiley for the two-point conversion.

The Mules led 14-0 at the half.

The Mules onside kick did not go the required 10 yards and Perryton claimed the ball at the Mule 45 to start the second half.

Perryton fumbled and the Mules recovered at midfield. Mendoza spun for four yards on first down. M. Flores snagged a two-yard pass from Mendoza. Aaron Sanchez took a bubble screen for six yards. Mendoza broke loose up the middle for a 38-yard touchdown. The point after was no good and the Mules led 20-0 with 7:58 left in the third quarter.

The Mules kicked off to the Perryton 12 and the Rangers returned to the Mule 25. Three plays later the Rangers were on the scoreboard and added the two-point conversion to trail the Mules 20-8 with 6:56 left in the third quarter.

Perryton kicked off and the Mules fumbled. The Rangers recovered at the Mule 14.

The Mule defense was up to the challenge with Chavez making the stop for no gain on first down. The Mules took over on downs at the Mule 16.

Easily raced nine yards and Mendoza scampered eight yards for a first down at the Mule 33. Easily went up the middle for four yards before Mendoza connected with M. Flores with an eight-yard toss. The Mules were picked off at midfield.

Perryton drove to the Mule 18 before Sanchez picked off a tipped Ranger pass in the Mule end zone and returned to the Mule 10. The Mules fumbled and the Rangers recovered on the Mule one-yard line.

Perryton scored on first down but the two-point conversion failed and the Mules led 20-14.

Mendoza returned the Perryton kick 11-yards to the Mule 39. Sanchez took a screen pass eight yards and Mendoza added eight more yards on second down. Mendoza tossed to Chavez racing down the Perryton sideline for a 41-yard touchdown. The Mules led 26-14 with 7:31 remaining in the game.

Following the kickoff the Mule defense held the Rangers and took over on downs at the Mule 40.

Easiley broke for 13 yards. Mendoza went up the middle for 42 yards to the Ranger five-yard line. Easiley scored on a pitch from Mendoza with 5:22 remaining in the game. The Mules had extended their lead to 32-14.

The Rangers scored one last time on an 11-yard run. The two point conversion was good to cut the Mule lead to 32-22.

The Mules took the final minutes off the clock to end the game.

The Mules rushed for 260 yards and passed for 155 yards for a total offense of 415 yards. Mendoza led the Mules in rushing with 16 carries for 198 yards. Easiley ran five times for 38 yards and Paez carried five times for 38 yards. M. Flores caught four passes for 65 yards and Chavez snagged one pass for 49 yards. Ross made three receptions for 20 yards and Mario Flores caught two for 10 yards.

Mauricio led the defense with eight tackles, one for a loss and broke up three passes. Donovan Gutierrez made 10 tackles and recovered a fumble. Chavez had nine tackles with one being for a loss.

T. Perez had five tackles, one being for a loss and made a big hit. Mendoza made four tackles with two being for losses. Aryn Ross intercepted a pass in the end zone and Dominik Hasley forced a fumble. 

The Mules will make the long trip to Kermit to battle the Yellow Jackets Thursday evening.

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