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MHS Tennis (3-21-2017)

MHS Tennis (3-21-2017)

The Muleshoe High School tennis team competed in the Sundown Tennis Tournament Tuesday. Tournament matches were held at Sundown High School, South Plains College, Levelland High School and Levelland Middle School.

MHS had 34 participants that played in a total of 61 matches, and seven entries won medals. There were 310 players entered in the tournament.

Cassidy Cage won silver in the Varsity Girls Singles. She defeated Abernathy 8-0, Littlefield 8-6, Olton 8-3, and lost to Denver City 5-8 in the finals. Also in Girls Singles, Gloria Gonzales lost to Abernathy 0-8, defeated Olton 8-5, and lost to SPCHEA 2-8.

The Varsity Girls Doubles team, Hallie Myatt, and Sadie Sudduth earned the silver medals. They defeated Friona 8-3, SPCHEA 8-2, and lost to Olton 0-8 in the finals. The team of Yvonne Diaz and Sydnie Sudduth defeated Ralls 8-2 and lost to Olton 0-8.

The Varsity Boys Doubles team of Jesse Leal and Luke Leal took the bronze medals. They beat Olton 8-3, Sudan 9-7, and lost to SPCHEA 2-8. They bounced back defeat Plains 8-2 in the finals. Tre Villa and Donovan Gutierrez lost to Sudan 4-8, defeated Abernathy 8-6, and lost to Littlefield 6-8.

Aron Chacon competed in Varsity Boys Singles. He defeated Olton 8-2 and lost to Denver City 5-8.

The Varsity Mixed Doubles team of Jason Florez and Liliana Barrera beat Abernathy 8-1 and lost to Shallowater 5-8. Izaiah Perez and Jade Fabela lost to Farwell 2-8 and Sudan 6-8.

Xiomara Regalado and Erika Arzola placed second in the JV Girls Doubles. They defeated Denver City 8-3, Sundown 8-3, SPCHEA 8-0, Abernathy 8-4, and lost to Sundown 2-8 in the finals.

Brylee Beall and Jackie Rayas defeated Sundown 8-4 and lost to Plains 2-8. Brianna Barron and Kyndal Miller defeated Sundown 8-6 and fell to Abernathy 5-8.

The JV Boys Doubles team of Jacob Kettner and Ean Hasley earned the silver medals. They defeated Plains 8-4, Littlefield 8-2, Denver City 8-3 and lost to Sundown 2-8. Derek Barron and Kelan Florez defeated Friona 8-1, Shallowater 8-2 and lost to Sundown 3-8.

Javy Perez and Laura Chavez earned the bronze medals in the JV Mixed Doubles. They defeated Sudan 8-2, Friona 8-2, lost to Shallowater 2-8, and defeated Sundown 8-3 in the finals. Jimmy Villa and Perla Vasquez lost to Littlefield 6-8, beat Abernathy 8-1 and lost to Dimmitt 7-9.

Ethan Gonzales won consolation in the JV Boys Singles. He lost to SPCHEA 0-8, then beat Friona 8-3, Plains 8-8, 9-7 in the tiebreaker, and Denver City 8-6 in the finals. Raul Sierra defeated Olton 8-2 and had to default the rest of his matches to attend JV Baseball in Dimmitt. Luke Del Toro beat Friona 8-2 and lost to Olton 5-8.

Sophia Sianez lost to Abernathy 6-8, beat Morton 8-2 and Plains 2-8 in JV Girls Singles. Anghey Avilez defeated Plains 8-1, Littlefield 8-5 and lost to Sundown 1-8.

The next tournament for MHS tennis is March 30 at South Plains College in Levelland.   

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