Monday, January 6, 2014

Mules vs. Dimmitt &Littlefield (12-31 & 1-3)

Mules vs. Dimmitt &Littlefield (12-31 & 1-3)

Matt Barron ended 2013 on a high note as he led the Mules against the Dimmitt Bobcats with 32 points. He scored 22 of his game high points in the second half. The Mules were able to cruise to a 63-54 win over the Bobcats. 

Eli Leal returned to the lineup for the first game of the new year when the Mules hosted the Littlefield Wildcats. The Mules led through most of the first three and half periods but came up just short to the Wildcats. Littlefield won the game 51-48.

Both the Mules and Dimmitt got off to a fast start and scored 18 points each in the first period. Nacho Elizalde got the Mules started with a hoop a minute into the game. Blaine Hurtado and Grey Johnson each sank a trey. Dagen Dunham made a pair of hoops from near the baseline and Barron hit a pair of free throws and two hoops. 

Danny Campos broke the tie with a hoop just 12 seconds into the second period and later added a second hoop. Barron made a pair of hoops and Elizalde dropped in a basket. Hurtado made a free throw but the Mules trailed 30-29 at the intermission. 

Barron stepped up his game in the third quarter when he scored 13 of the Mules 16 points in the period. He made five baskets and one trey. Blayne Shipman stuck back an offensive rebound and Austin Ross chipped in a free throw. The Mules trailed 47-45 with eight minutes left to play. 

The combination of the Mules shutting down Dimmitt to just seven points in the final period and Barron continuing to pump in points powered the Mules to victory. Hurtado made the Mules first hoop and Elizalde made a basket and chipped in a free throw. 

Dunham popped out to the corner and drained a 3-pointer. Jason Florez scored and then completed the old-fashion 3-point play by added the free throw. Barron scored three hoops and then made three of his final four free throws. 

Dunham finished with seven points, Hurtado scored six and Elizalde made five. Campos added four points, Flores and Johnson had three each. Shipman dropped in two points and Ross chipped in one. 

The Mules leaped out of the gate at home against the Wildcats. Ross made the Mules first hoop of the night and Hurtado drained back-to-back treys. Elizalde made a hoop and Florez scored twice. Barron made a hoop and Dunham made two baskets. The Mules led 20-14 after one quarter. 

Both team slowed to almost a snails pace in the second period but the Mules increased their lead by one. Leal made a pair of hoops and Ross and Campos added a basket each. The Mules led 28-21 at the half. 

The Mules came out after the break stuck in low gear and gave up most of their lead. Leal made a free throw and one basket. Campos and Dunham made a hoop each. The Mules clung to a 35-34 advantage. 

Leal opened the final period with a free throw. Later he made his only 3-pointer of the night. Barron and Dunham also hit a 3-pointer each. JJ Gandara wrapped up the scoring for the Mules. 

Leal led the Mules with 11 points. Dunham dropped in nine points, Hurtado added six and Barron made five. Campos, Ross and Florez scored four points each. Elizalde and Gandara finished with two points each. 

The Mules traveled to Tulia Tuesday night to battle the Hornets and then return home Friday to host the Abernathy Antelopes. 

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