Monday, February 10, 2014

JV Mules vs. Abernathy (2-4-14)

JV Mules vs. Abernathy (2-4-14)

The JV Mules scrapped their way back from a 15-point deficit after three quarters to fall one point short of a win. Back-to-back last second fouls were called on the Mules and allowed the Abernathy Lopes creep in front of the Mules. 

The Mules were leading by two points and Abernathy missed a shot from point blank range and the Mules grabbed the rebound when the first foul was called. Only one free throw was good but the Lopes grabbed the rebound and missed the put-back attempt and again the Mules had the rebound when the whistle blew. 

Tony Castillo broke the ice for the Mules with a free throw to start the final period. He made two more baskets and a free throw before the period ended. Roman Franco made a charity toss and converted a second free throw to complete an old-fashion 3-point play before he fouled out. 

Kevin Mendoza hit a bucket and Triston Boehning chipped in a free throw. JJ Gandara made two treys as the Mules pumped in 19 points and take the lead before the final two fouls were called on the Mules as time was running out. 

The Mules scored two minutes into the first period with Castillo scoring a hoop. He added a second hoop before the period ended. Antonio Vasquez drained a 3-pointer and later chipped in a free throw. Boehning made a free throw and Gandara finished a fast break. The Mules led 11-9 after one quarter. 

The Mules duplicated their 11-point performance in the second period but Abernathy scored 17 to lead the Mules 26-22 at the half. Vasquez led off for the Mules with a hoop and then dropped in a trey before the quarter ended. Castillo and Dustin Smith made two free throws each. Boehning put back a rebound. 

After the intermission the Mules did not seem to be able to buy a basket while the Lopes went wild. Smith made the Mules first hoop of the period, added two from the charity line and dropped in a long distance trey at the buzzer. Franco made a hoop and Boehning chipped in a free throw. 

Some Mules may join the Mules for their playoff run and others will move on to compete in the Spring sports. 


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