Monday, February 10, 2014

Mules vs. Olton & Dimmtt 1-21 & 24)

Mules vs. Olton & Dimmtt 1-21 & 24)

The Olton Mustangs had lost a couple of key players since the first time the Mules had played them. This meeting was a lot different as the Mules ran away with the game 83-41 in Olton. 

The Mules returned home Friday to host the Dimmitt Bobcats. The Mules had won the first meeting between the two team and repeated the feat in front of a home crowd 66-53.

Olton made a 3-pointer 30 seconds into the game for a brief lead over the Mules. Eli Leal drained a trey from the wing to tie the game a minute and a half into the contest. He missed a pair of free throws before dropping in his second trey before the quarter ended. 

Matt Barron broke through the back door and Leal fed him the ball for an easy hoop. Barron then finished a fast break before Jason Florez made a free throw. Barron maed a charity toss before Leal again fed him the ball for a short jump shot. 

Barron hit a trey from the wing and converted a free throw to complete a three-point play. Dagen Dunham scored from the blocks. The Mules had doubled up on the Mustangs and led 22-11.

Leal led off the second period with a trey from the top of the key 15 seconds into the quarter. He had two pair of free throws before the half ended. Blaine Hurtado finished a fast break for a basket. Nacho Elizalde made one free throw. 

Leal drove into the paint and drew the defense and then dropped the ball to Dunham for a chip shot. Barron and Grey Johnson both made a pair of free throws before the half ended. The Mules led Olton 40-20 at the half. 

Leal started the third period with a driving hoop 15 seconds into the second half. He then drained a 3-pointer from the wing and finished the period with a hoop. Barron made three hoops as did Danny Campos. Dunham also made three hoops as he worked the backside of the offensive boards. Florez chipped in a free throw. The Mules had increased their lead to 62-31. 

Leal scored first for the Mules for the fourth consecutive quarter with a hoop. Florez made a pair from the charity line. Austin Ross took the feed from Leal and scored easily and then made a steal and drove the floor for his second hoop. Blaine Shipman put back an offensive rebound for a basket. 

Barron made a hoop before he dropped in his second trey of the game. He made a hoop before the quarter ended. Johnson finished a fast break for the Mules final two points of the game. 

Barron set the scoring pace for the Mules with 28 points and Leal added 22 points. Campos made six of his eight points in the third period. Florez made four-of-six free throws on his way to a six point game and Dunham also scored six points. Ross and Johnson made four points each. Hurtado and Shipman made two points each and Elizalde chipped in one point. 

Dimmitt rained 11 treys on the Mules Friday and still came up short. 

The Bobcats started out fast but the Mules quickly made the adjustment and began to shut Dimmitt down. Barron made penetrated and scored before he drained a 3-pointer. He added a second hoop and a free throw before the first quarter ended. 

Leal made a pair of free throws and made a reverse lay up. Campos made a free throw and then added a hoop. Barron dished to Dunham for an easy hoop. Dunham cleaned the offensive boards and put the ball back on the glass for a basket. The Mules led the Bobcats 21-13 after one quarter. 

Leal open the second period with a trey and Florez put back an offensive rebound. Florez later dropped in a free throw. Ross made a steal and drove the floor for a hoop. Barron dropped in a pair of free throws and Dunham hit from 12 feet. The Mules led 33-24 at the intermission. 

Leal caught fire in the third period with a basket before being fouled shooting from outside the arc. He made the first two of the three free throws. Leal made two more hoops and converted two free throws for 10 points in the quarter. 

Dunham took the dish from Elizalde and scored easily. He put back an offensive rebound before the quarter ended. Florez, Ross and Campos added a hoop each as the Mules increased their advantage by six points. They led the Bobcats 53-38 with eight minutes left to play. 

Dunham converted passes from Elizalde and Leal to score twice in the paint. He also cleared the boards and stuck the ball back in for six points in the period. Barron made three free throws and Leal added a pair of hoops. 

The Mules were out scored by Dimmitt 15-13. The Bobcats made five treys in the final quarter. 

Leal led the Mules with 21 points and Dunham added 16. Barron dropped in 15 points and Florez and Campos scored five points each. Ross finished with four points. 

The Mules traveled to Littlefield to battle the second place Wildcats. The Mules return home Friday night to celebrate Senior Night and host the cellar dwelling Tulia Hornets. The Mules would like to even the score with the Hornets.      


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