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8th Mules vs. Dimmitt (10-30-2014)

8th Mules vs. Dimmitt (10-30-2014)

Isaiah Hurtado took the deep snap in the fourth quarter and raced wide around the left side. The blocks were in place and he scooted 53 yards to seal the shutout of all the Dimmitt Junior High teams by the Mules.

Hurtado’s touchdown extended the Mule lead to a final score of 36-0.

Hurtado returned the opening Bobcat kick to the Mule 34. Jorge Albarran blasted up the middle for five yards. Brenden Mehl connected with Yoel Reyes at midfield and he raced 42 yards to the Dimmitt eight-yard line.

Albarran broke up the middle for seven yards and Mehl scored on a one-yard sneak up the middle. Ryan Rodriguez added the two-point conversion for an 8-0 Mule lead with 6:14 remaining in the first quarter.

Jaime Vidana kicked off for the Mules to the Dimmitt 23. The Bobcats returned 10 yards before Vidana made the stop. The Bobcats had a big gain on second down before Mehl made the tackle at the Mule 27.

The Bobcats gained five yards on first down. Josh Torres and Matthew Olivas teamed up for a tackle two-yards deep in the Dimmitt backfield. Torres then sacked the Bobcat quarterback for a 12-yard loss on third down.

A reverse by the Bobcats moved the ball to the Mule 11. A facemask penalty then gave the Bobcats a first down on the Mule six-yard line. Rodriguez broke into the Bobcat backfield for a five-yard loss. Dimmitt pushed forward three yards on second down.

A motion penalty cost Dimmitt five yards on third down. Leonel Camarena sacked the Dimmitt quarterback for an eight-yard loss back to the Mule 21. An incomplete pass on fourth down turned the ball over to the Mules.

Luke Del Toro was uncovered as he ran a slant pattern. Mehl tossed him the ball for a 15-yard gain on second down. Mehl then found Rodriguez open and the pass and run moved the ball to the Dimmitt 31.

Mehl tossed Albarran the ball on the wide-receiver screen. Albarran followed blockers for 15 yards to the Bobcat 17. Mehl rolled to his right and just before being tackled pitched the ball to Albarran.

Albarran fumbled the ball but managed to scoop it back up and raced 17 yards for the touchdown. Mehl carried for the two-point conversion and a 16-0 Mule lead with 4:44 left in the half.

Vidana blasted the ensuing kickoff to the Dimmitt one-yard line and the Bobcats were forced to attempt a return. They reached the Dimmitt 15. The Mule defense held the Bobcats to no gain on three downs and forced a punt. A high snap went over the punters head but he recovered the ball and made a very short punt to the Dimmitt 16.

After two incomplete passes Mehl connected with Rodriguez standing in the end zone for a touchdown. The Mules led 22-0 at the half.

The Mules kicked off to start the second half. The Mule defense forced the Bobcats to turn the ball over on downs at the Mule 40.

It was one-play all-the-way for the Mules when Mehl tossed to Del Toro at the Dimmitt 35. He out ran the defense to the end zone for a 60-yard scoring play. Mehl again hit Del Toro for the two-point conversion with 3:59 left in the third quarter. The Mules led 30-0.

The Mules will wrap up their season in Littlefield when they battle the Wildcats Thursday afternoon. 

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