Wednesday, November 19, 2014

JV L.Mules vs. Bushland & Brownfield (11-10&16-2014)

JV L.Mules vs. Bushland  & Brownfield (11-10&16-2014)

The JV Lady Mules with stood a barrage of 3-pointers by the Bushland Falcons in the opening period. Defense became the Lady Mules strength as they held the Falcons to single digit production in the final three periods.

The Lady Mules defeated Bushland 57-31 in their season opener Monday evening.

“It was an awesome first game for our JV girls,” said Lady Mule coach Edie Niblett. “We played great defense and our offense had opportunities abound all night. This is a fun group of ladies and I am looking forward to a great season.”

The results were no different in Saturday morning’s game as the Lady Mules hosted the Brownfield Lady Cubs. The pace was not as fast, the production was not as high and the Lady Mule foul count was minimal as they caged the Cubs 26-17.

“Oh my, not sure, but I'm going to say our girls cheered so hard at the football game and they were really tired,” continued Coach Niblett. “We did come away with the win no matter how it looked. The girls never quit trying and it worked in our favor.”

Marissa Reyes scored on an inbound play from the sideline ten seconds into the game. The basket put the Lady Mules on top early. Hallie Myatt, Brittney Mendoza and Desi Gutierrez all scored to extend the Lady Mule lead to 8-2 three minutes into the game.

The first of three treys by the Falcons swished through the net and by the time the first quarter ended the Falcons led 15-13.

Reyes worked her way into the paint and put back her own shot to tie the game as the second period began. The Lady Mules seemed to have clamped a lid on the Falcon basket and only gave up six points in the second period.

Jasmine Garza got hot in the second period and out scored the Falcons. She made three hoops and free throw. Mendoza nailed the Lady Mules only 3-pointer of the game with 5:25 remaining in the first half. The Lady Mules put 10 points between them and the Falcons with a 31-21 lead at the intermission.

The Lady Mules only backed off a bit in the third and fourth quarters making 13 points each period.

Mendoza set the Lady Mule scoring pace with 17 points. Garza was just one point behind at 16 points. Karla Bustillos added eight points and Reyes dropped in six points. Yasmine Sandoval made four points. Gutierrez, Myatt and Marilyn Melendez chipped in two points each. 

Reyes scored in the lane to start the first period against Brownfield. It was the Lady Mules only two points of the period. The Cubs could only score one hoop as the period ended in a 2-2 tie.

Myatt scored early in the second period to double up on the Cubs. Mendoza put back an offensive rebound. Myatt made a cross-lane pass to Mendoza standing on the block. Mendoza turned and scored. Garza followed the fast break down the floor and put back the miss for a 10-4 Lady Mule lead at the half.

Garza scored in the paint to start the second half. Melendez passed Bustillos the ball on the base line. Bustillos drove to hoop to increase the Lady Mule lead to 14-4. Bushland scored twice before the quarter ended to trail 14-9.

Gutierrez picked a Cub’s pocket and passed to Mendoza racing down the floor. She laid the ball up and in for a hoop. A pair of treys in the final frame trimmed the Lady Mule win to nine points.

Garza led the Lady Mules with 10 points. Reyes added six points and Mendoza dropped in four. Gutierrez, Bustillos and Myatt chipped in two points each.

The Lady Mules traveled to Morton Tuesday to play the Morton Maidens before playing in the Hale Center Owl Tournament November 20-22.

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