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Mules vs. Dimmitt (10-31-2014)

Mules vs. Dimmitt (10-31-2014)

Halloween and Senior Night both took place Friday night in Muleshoe. Halloween was not as scary for the Mule coaches as the Dimmitt Bobcats. Dimmitt was sporting a record of only 1-7 when they rolled into Benny Douglas Stadium.

But the Bobcats were the largest team the Mules had faced to date with the offensive and defensive lines averaging 275 pounds. Running backs of 208 and 235 pounds would be in the line up on offense.

Dimmitt had nothing to lose and everything to gain Friday night. A win would be a big feather in the Bobcats hat. Senior Night is much like Homecoming in that it can provide a lot of distractions.

The seemed to take Mules everything in stride and quickly jumped into the lead. The Mules scored twice in the opening period and added four more TDs in the second quarter for a 42-0 margin at the intermission. The Mules had nine possessions in the game and scored on eight. The Mules took a victory knee on their final possession. The Mules took the night 56-0.

The offensive and defensive line have become the mainstays of the Mule team and Friday night was no different. Size had little to do with how the Mules controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

The Mule defense gave up 35-yards rushing by Dimmitt and 86-yards passing for 121-total yards. The Mule offense rolled up a total of 585 yards of offense. They rushed for 365 yards and passed for 220 yards.

“It was a good game for us tonight,” said Mule coach David Wood. “We were concerned about Dimmitt with all the activities going on this week. But the kids really stepped up and played like they have in the first three district games. Everybody got in the game and had fun.”

“One of the amazing things is we have yet to punt in any of the four district games. We have a good punter in Wes Clarkson and he even kicked a couple of extra points tonight. But Felipe Guerrero is such a talented place kicker but you never know when you may need a backup.”

“Now we will spend the week getting ready for the ‘War on 84‘. I am not sure who coined that phrase for this game but it sure fits this rivalry.”   

Felipe Guerrero kicked off to start the game and the Bobcats could not return the ball from the Dimmitt 25. Chamel Regalado disposed of his blocker and stopped the quarterback sweep for no gain on first down.

Dimmitt came with a formation they had not used this season and put three running backs in the backfield with their quarterback. Saul Sanchez knifed through the Dimmitt offensive line and cut down the tailback for a two-yard loss.

The Bobcats stayed with the full-house backfield and the quarterback rolled to the right. The 235 pound running back, Scotty Martin, came out of the backfield and caught the pass. Javy Perez came up from his safety spot to drive Martin out of bounds four-yards short of a first down and forced Dimmitt to punt.

Josh Lopez zipped through a hole in the middle of the Dimmitt line for six yards. The Mule offensive line and three wide receivers chopped and pancaked Bobcats as Keagan Gonzales scooted around the end for a 13 yard gain.

Gonzales then broke up the middle for 12 more yards to the Dimmitt 46. Gonzales read the defensive end and kept the football on the option play. He pulled away from a tackle at the Dimmitt 40 and out ran the defense to the end zone. The scoring run had covered 46 yards with 8:35 remaining in the first quarter. Guerrero added the PAT for a 7-0 Mule lead.

The Bobcats started their second drive on the Dimmitt 30-yard line. Dimmitt gained a first down on a six-yard run by Martin but a motion penalty cost the Bobcats momentum and punted to the Mule 24.

Lopez found a hole for a four-yard gain. Gonzales kept for seven yards for a first down. Jason Florez went five yards on a wide-receiver screen play. Lopez took an option pitch and raced 60 yards for a score but a holding penalty brought the ball back.

Braden Bessire bubbled back for a screen pass and Gonzales delivered him the ball. Bessire made a move that caused a defender to miss a tackle and he raced 61 yards for a touchdown with 3:03 left in the first period. Guerrero booted the point after for a 14-0 Mule lead.

It was three-and-out on Dimmitt’s ensuing drive with Tony Vasquez tipping a pass away from the intended receiver on third down. The Dimmitt punt rolled dead at the Mule 49.

The Mules faced fourth down and nine yards needed for a first from mid field. Gonzales used a hard count and the Bobcats jumped offside. The Mule receivers raced down field on the free play but Gonzales over threw his target.

On fourth and four yards needed, Gonzales again used the hard count and Dimmitt jumped offside. This time Gonzales waited for Saul Sanchez to come open down field and hung the ball at the Dimmitt 10 for Sanchez.

Sanchez made the catch despite a Bobcat grabbing at his ankles and shot into the end zone for a touchdown. The play covered 45 yards and Guerrero’s PAT kick was good for a 21-0 Mule lead with 11:45 remaining in the first half.

Dimmitt’s next drive started on the Bobcat 33. A 17-yard pass was good for a first down. The Dimmitt drive stalled at the Mule 44 and attempted to make four yards on fourth down. Regalado and Issac Acosta sacked the Bobcat quarterback for a five-yard loss and the Mules took over on downs at the Mule 49.

Gonzales scored on a 51-yard run on first down but a holding penalty brought the ball back to the Mule 47. Regalado was uncovered as the inside receiver and Gonzales spotted the opportunity. Regalado ran a slant over the middle and Gonzales shot him the ball for a 19-yard gain.

Cristian Paez took the handoff from Gonzales and started right. Florez stepped back as the inside receiver and went to meet Paez. Paez flipped Florez the ball and Acosta and Gonzales led Florez down field. Gonzales decked a defender to clear the path for Florez to score from 34-yards out. Guerrero added the extra point for a 28-0 Mule lead with 7:52 left in the half.

Roman Franco went high in the air to intercept a Bobcat pass and give the Mules the ball on the Mule 43. Lopez took the option pitch to the left side and broke a tackle. Lopez ran for 16 yards and dragged two tacklers the last eight yards.

Gonzales scooted up the middle on the quarterback draw. He cut to the Dimmitt sideline and stuck out a stiff arm that drove a tackler to the turf at the Bobcat 30. Gonzales used a second stiff arm to reach the Bobcat 10 for a 30-yard run.

Bessire was the inside receiver and went straight down field and cut to the flag. Gonzales delivered him the ball five-yard deep in the end zone for a touchdown. Jason Clarkson kicked the point after for a 35-0 Mule lead with 1:25 left in the half.

When the Mules got the ball back from Dimmitt after the ensuing Mule kickoff to the Bobcats they had very little time left on the clock. The Mules ran nine plays and rolled up three first down as they marched from the Mule 20 to the Dimmitt 28.

Gonzales dropped straight back four yards. Florez was the inside receiver on the right side and ran a down and out pattern. Florez looped back from the Bobcat 11 to the 14 to catch Gonzales’ pass. Florez turned to the inside and his defender missed the tackle.

Florez headed to the end zone as the safety came across the field to attempt to stop him. Florez gave a slight head fake and the Bobcat safety slipped on the turf to allow Florez to score with nine seconds left on the clock. Guerrero kicked the point after for a 42-0 Mule lead at the intermission.

The Mules added one touchdown in the third quarter with Sanchez at the helm. The Mules drove 82 yards on eight plays. Sanchez saw Regalado uncovered and fired him the ball in the ball at the goal line. Clarkson added the point after for a 49-0 Mule lead with 5:13 remaining in the third period.

The Mules final tally of the game was in the third quarter after the Bobcat drive stalled on the Mule 36. The Mules needed only three plays to score. Cristian Paez took the option pitch and cut up field. He ran by the defensive end and found himself surrounded by three Bobcats.

Paez batted a tacklers hand away and out ran the other Bobcats for a 61-yard touchdown. Guerrero’s gave the Mules a 56-0 lead with 1:32 left in the third period.

Two questionable pass interference penalties in the last quarter fueled the Bobcat’s scoring drive of  68 yards. Jesus Aguero, the Dimmitt Junior quarterback, threw a six-yard scoring pass to his favorite receiver Ernesto Prieto.    

Keagan Gonzales connected on eight of 15 passes for 190 yards and four touchdowns. He also rushed eight times for 144 yards and a TD. Saul Sanchez was four-for-four passing for 32 yards and a touchdown in the second half. He also rushed four times for 42 yards and caught one pass for 45 yards and a touchdown.

Cristian Paez rushed three times for 88 yards and a score and caught one pass for 10 yards. Josh Lopez had seven carries for 50 yards and made two receptions for 17 yards. Jason Florez had one carry for 34 yards and a touchdown. Jorge Martinez rushed once for five yards.

Braden Bessire caught three passes for 82 yards and scored twice. Jason Florez had two receptions for 31 yards and a touchdown. Chamel Regalado caught two passes for 30 yards and scored once and JJ Gandara had one reception for seven yards.

The Mules celebrated their victory Friday night but began preparing for the War on 84 against the Wildcats Friday night in Littlefield.  

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