Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jr High B-Team Mules vs. Dimmitt (10-30-14)

Jr High B-Team Mules vs. Dimmitt (10-30-14)

The B-team Mules jumped on the Dimmitt Bobcats on the opening kick and did not dismount until the final buzzer sounded. The Mules polished off the Bobcats 28-0.

The Mules were leading 20-0 early in the third period after scoring a touchdown. Rocky Martinez kicked off to the Bobcat six-yard line. Nick Dominguez flew down the field to  make the tackle on the Dimmitt 15.

Daniel Ortega closed off the outside and stopped the sweep for no gain on Dimmitt’s first down. Matthew Russell teamed up for a sack eight-yards deep in the Bobcat backfield. An incomplete pass on third down forced Dimmitt to punt.

Jose Campos broke through the Dimmitt line and blocked the Bobcat punt. Jason Toscano jumped on the lose ball at the Dimmitt five-yard line.

A high snap on the final play of the third quarter cost the Mules five yards on first down. Luke Leal kept on the quarterback sweep to the right side and scored on a 10-yard run. Leal broke three tackles on the way to pay dirt for the two-point conversion for a 28-0 Mule lead.

Anthony Alfaro inserted the final dagger in the Bobcat game plan. He intercepted a Dimmitt pass at the Mule 44 with 2:42 left in the game.

Osvaldo Nunez broke up the middle for 37 yards to the Dimmitt 22. Two victory knees were all that was needed to drain the final ticks off the clock and end the game.

The Mules will travel to Littlefield to end their season against the Wildcats.  

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