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MHS Tennis @ Sundown (3-23-2016)

MHS Tennis @ Sundown (3-23-2016)

The Muleshoe tennis team recently competed in the Sundown Roughneck Invitational Meet. Matches were held on the Sundown High School courts as well as the Levelland High School courts and the South Plains College courts in Levelland. Muleshoe High School sent 42 players to the tournament that had some 300 total entries.

Aaryn Ross played in the Varsity Division Boys Singles. He lost his first match to Tahoka 8-9 that involved a tie breaker that he lost 3-7. He lost a second match to an unknown opponent 4-8.

Cassidy Cage won the bronze medal in the Varsity Division Girls Singles. She defeated Littlefield 8-2, lost to Denver City 2-8 and defeated Brownfield 6-4 and 6-4 for the medal.

The Mules had three teams in the Boys Doubles Varsity Division. Jesse Leal and Luke Leal lost to Sudan 5-8, defeated Hale Center 8-2 and Sudan 8-2. They also defeated Jason Florez and Donovan Gutierrez 9-7 before losing to Seagraves 4-6.

Jason Florez and Donovan Gutierrez lost to Nazareth 3-8, defeated Plains 8-5 before losing to J. Leal and L. Leal 7-9. Dominik Hasley and Ean Hasley defeated Sudan 8-6, SPCHEA 8-5 and lost to Brownfield 4-8.

Two Lady Mule teams played in the Varsity Girls Division. Gloria Gonzales and Imelda Salcido defeated Seagraves 8-2 but lost to Nazareth 1-8. Marissa Reyes and Jasmine Garza lost to Nazareth 2-9, defeated Littlefield 8-5 and Tulia 8-3 for the Consolation Medal.

Three Muleshoe Mixed Doubles teams played in the Varsity Division. Hallie Myatt and Jacob Kettner lost to Farwell 4-8, defeated Seagraves 8-3 and Sudan 8-2. They defeated Zoey Apodaca and Kevin Mendoza 8-5  before losing to Farwell 7-9.

Apodaca and Mendoza lost to Nazareth 6-8, defeated Littlefield 8-6 before losing to Myatt and Kettner 5-8. Dezzy Gutierrez and Antonio Vasquez lost to Hale Center 4-8, defeated Littlefield 8-1 but fell to Farwell 2-8.

Four Mules played in the Boys Singles Junior Varsity Division. Corbin Hardwick claimed the silver medal by defeating Nazareth 9-7, Sundown 8-2, Raul Sierra 8-4 and Tulia 7-4. Sierra defeated Lockney 8-0, Tulia 8-7 by winning a tie breaker 8-5, lost to Hardwick 4-8 and defeated Izaiah Perez 9-7 for the third place medal.

Isaac Mendoza defeated Northwestern 8-3, lost to Farwell 6-8 and defeated Sudan 8-2. Perez defeated an unknown opponent 8-5, defeated a second unknown opponent 8-3 but lost to Tula 2-8 and Sierra 7-9.

Laura Chavez and Natalie Diaz must play for the consolation medal in the JV Girls Singles Division in Muleshoe. Chavez lost to Nazareth 1-8, defeated Littlefield 8-6, defeated Denver City 7-6 by winning a tie breaker 7-5. Diaz lost to Sundown 5-8, defeated Tulia 8-6 and Plains 6-3.

Sophia Sianez defeated Morton 8-3 but lost to Tulia 6-8. Brianna Barron defeated Sundown 8-6 but lost to Tulia 3-8.

Three Mule teams competed in the JV Boys Doubles Division. Javy Perez and Tre Villa defeated Wellman Union 8-2 but lost to Morton 6-8. Kobe Gutierrez and Kevin Chavez defeated Nazareth 8-7 by winning a tie breaker 7-5 but lost to Seagraves 3-8. Mario Flores and Evan Paez defeated Littlefield 9-8 by taking a tie breaker 12-4 but lost to Tulia 4-8.

The JV Girls Doubles team of Lili Barrera and Conley Niblett won the gold medal by defeating Sudan 8-5, Noemi Herrera and Jackie Rayas 8-6, Plains 8-5 and Tulia 8-4. The consolation medal went to Anghy Avilez and Xiomara Regalado. They lost to Morton 7-9, defeated Sudan 8-0, a second Sudan team 9-8 that included winning a tie breaker 7-4, and Morton 6-3. Herrera and Rayas defeated Sundown 8-0 before losing to Barrera Niblett 6-8.

Alee Sanchez and Aron Chacon won the bronze medal in the JV Mixed Doubles Division. They defeated Sudan 8-1, a second Sudan team 8-2 before losing to Farwell 2-8. They defeated Hale Center 8-6 for the medal. Erika Arzola and Jesse Easiley defeated Lockney 8-1 but lost to Hale Center 4-8.

The Muleshoe team will play two tournaments, March 31 and April 2 before playing the District Tournament in Plainview April 11 and April 12.       

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