Monday, October 24, 2016

Mule B-Team vs. Slaton (10-6-2016)

Mule B-Team vs. Slaton (10-6-2016)

The B-Team Mules failed on a pair of two-point tries to fall to the Slaton Tigers Thursday in Muleshoe’s Benny Douglas Stadium. The Mules fell 14-12. 

Slaton scored on the Tigers second possession on third down on a 64-yard reverse play with 9:01 remaining in the first half. The two-point conversion was good for an 8-0 Slaton lead. 

Richie Martinez had plugged up the middle on first down for just a single yard gain. Jacob Alfaro then diagnosed a pitch play on second down. He caught and dragged down the pitchman for no gain. Slaton scored on third down. 

The Slaton kicker all but missed the football on the ensuing kickoff and the ball wound up from where it was kicked and the Mules started on the Tiger 40.

Richie Martinez started right planted a foot and cut up field and bulldozed his way to the Slaton 28. Alfaro kept wide right for nine yards. The Mules were then backed up three yards and ran out of time before they could score. 

The Mules were on fire when the second half started with Alfaro gaining nine yards on first down to near midfield. Martinez slashed up the middle for seven yards on back-to-back plays. 

Alfaro kept wide right, broke two tackles for a 12-yard gain. Martinez and Alfaro continued to combine for yardage to the Tiger six. Alfaro scored on a six-yard run with 14:50 remaining in the game. The two-point conversion failed and the Mules trailed 8-6.

Slaton returned the ensuing Mule kickoff to the Mule three-yard line. The Tigers scored on one play with 10:12 remaining in the game. The two-point conversion failed. Slaton led the Mules 14-6. 

Drew Morris returned the Slaton kickoff 19 yards to the Tiger 46. Alfaro moved the Mules to the Tiger 15 with runs of five, 15 and 12 yards. Martinez raced wide right for 10 yards and ducked under a pair of tacklers for a 15 yard touchdown. The two point conversion failed. 

Slaton ran out the clock.

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