Tuesday, March 8, 2016

MHS Tennis @ Levelland (3-3-2016)

MHS Tennis @ Levelland (3-3-2016)

The Muleshoe High School Tennis team competed in the Levelland SPCHEA Tennis Tournament this past week. Muleshoe had 44 participants that played in a total of 76 matches. There were approximately 380 participants in the tournament. Eleven Muleshoe entries won medals.

Cassidy Cage played in the Class A Girls Singles. She lost to Clovis 4-6, defeated Tulia 8-2 but lost to Clovis 3-8.

The Boys Doubles Class A team of Jesse Leal and Luke Leal defeated Sudan 8-6 and SPCHEA 8-4 to win first place. Jason Florez and Donovan Gutierrez lost to Tulia 0-8, defeated Friona 8-3 but lost to Tulia 4-8. Dominik Hasley and Ean Hasley lost to Floydada 5-8, defeated Olton 8-3 and fell to Tulia 6-8.

The Girls Doubles Class A team of Gloria Gonzalez and Imelda Salcido won second place by defeating Seagraves 8-0 and Plainview Christian 8-7 before losing to Tulia 6-8. Marissa Reyes and Jasmine Garza defeated Plainview Christian 8-4 but lost to Tulia 3-8 and Olton 4-8.

Hallie Myatt and Jacob Kettner won consolation in Mixed Doubles Class A. They lost to Morton 5-8, defeated Slaton 8-2, Muleshoe 8-3 and Plainview Academy 8-6. Denisse Ramirez and Aaryn Ross defeated Slaton 8-3 but lost to Tulia 6-8. The team of Dezzy Gutierrez and Antonio Vasquez lost to SPCHEA 0-8 and Southcrest Christian 6-8. Zoey Apodaca and Kevin Mendoza lost to Tulia 3-8 and Muleshoe 3-8.

Yavet Elizalde won second in Boys Singles Class B by defeating Wellman Union 8-2, but lost to Olton 3-8. Isaac Mendoza won consolation by losing to Seagraves 4-8 but defeated Sundown 8-3 and defeated Sudan (no score available). Raul Sierra defeated Southcrest Christian 8-0 but lost to Clovis 0-7 and Tulia 7-8.

Lili Barrera placed second in Girls Singles Class B by defeating Slaton 10-8, Friona 9-8 and Denver City 5-2. Sophia Sianez defeated Slaton 8-4, lost to Tulia 3-8 and Clovis 3-6. Natalie Diaz lost to Denver City 1-8 and Friona 3-6. Laura Chavez defeated Clovis 8-6, Cotton Center 7-2 but lost to Plains 3-8.

The Boys Class B Doubles team of Evan Paez and Mario Flores won consolation. They lost to Kingdom Prep Academy 2-8, defeated Plains 8-3 and Hale Center 9-7. Javy Perez and Tre Villa also won consolation. They lost to Plains 0-8, defeated Tulia 8-1, Hale Center 8-3 and Plains 8-5. Ethan Gonzalez and Ricardo Torres placed third by defeating Hale Center 8-0, Seagraves 8-4 before losing to Tulia 3-8. They came back to defeat Sundown 8-5.

Anghy Avilez and Xiomara Regalado placed third in Girls Class B Doubles by defeating Tulia 8-3, lost to Denver City 0-8 and defeated Sundown 8-3. Noemi Herrera and Jackie Rayas defeated Olton 8-2 and Cotton Center 8-7 before losing to two SPCHEA teams 3-8 and 3-8.

Rachelle Whitworth and Izaiah Perez won first place in Class B Mixed Doubles by defeating Farwell 8-7, SPCHEA 8-6, Sudan 8-1. Erika Arzola and Jesse Easiley defeated Sudan 8-2, lost to Farwell 3-8 and Abernathy 5-6. Alee Sanchez and Aron Chacon lost to Olton 3-8, defeated Wellman Union 8-2 but lost to SPCHEA 4-8.

The Muleshoe tennis team’s next tournament is March 10 in Levelland.    

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