Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mule Powerlifting @ Friona (2-27-2016)

Mule Powerlifting @ Friona (2-27-2016)

Two Mules participated in the boys only Powerlifting meet in Friona Saturday. Evan Paez qualified for the Regional Powerlifting Champions March 12 in the 132 pound weight class..

Paez finished the competition ranked tenth in the Region and placed eighth in the Friona Meet. He made a squat lift of 330 pounds, he bench pressed 195 pounds and had a deadlift of 370 pounds for a total of 895 pounds.

Eric Vela placed fourth in the meet and thirteenth in the Region with a total lift of 1225 pounds. He fell just five pounds short of making the Regional meet. Vela made a squat lift of 460 pounds, he bench pressed 315 pounds and made a deadlift of 1225 pounds.   

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