Tuesday, November 1, 2016

8th Mules vs. Littlefield (10-27-2016)

8th Mules vs. Littlefield (10-27-2016)

The Littlefield Wildcats scored a touchdown with 57 seconds left in the first half to lead the eighth-grade Mules 30-6. The Mules added two more touchdowns in the second half but fell to Littlefield 46-18. 

The Mules kicked off to start the game and Littlefield returned to the Wildcat 47. Elias Aguirre met the Littlefield running back in the hole for no gain. The Wildcats scored six plays later on a three-yard run with 4:50 left in the first quarter. The two-point conversion was good for an 8-0 Littlefield lead. 

Kurt Rodriguez returned the ensuing Littlefield kickoff for the Mule 25-yard line. Joe Gutierrez ran with the ball on the first five plays to reach the Littlefield 11. Gutierrez started right and pitched to Jose Martinez for five yards. 

Martinez blasted up the middle for a six-yard touchdown with 1:28 remaining in the first period. The two-point conversion failed and the Mules trailed 8-6. 

The Wildcats answered quickly with a 51-yard touchdown pass on the first play of the drive. The two-point conversion gave Littlefield a 16-6 lead with 1:15 still left in the first quarter. 

It only took Littlefield one play to score as the second period started with a 46-yard touchdown pass. The two-point conversion was good for a 24-6 Littlefield lead with 6:39 left in the second quarter. 

It was three and out and the Mules punted to the Mule 47. 

Martinez and Matthew Fabela put pressure on the Littlefield quarterback and forced an incomplete pass. Littlefield fumbled and Jacob Toscano recovered on the Mule 33. 

The Mules fumbled back to Littlefield and the Wildcats scored with 57 seconds left in the first half for a 30-6 Littlefield lead at the half. 

Littlefield added one more score in the third period to lead the Mules 38-6. 

The Mules ended the third quarter at the Littlefield nine-yard line. Gutierrez kept up the middle for six yards and Rodriguez blasted up the middle for three yards to the one-yard line. Gutierrez blasted in for the score with 4:57 remaining in the game. The two-point conversion failed and the Mules trailed 38-12. 

Rodriguez scored the Mules final touchdown on a 10-yard run. 

Joe Gutierrez led the Mules with 99-yards rushing. Joey Martinez carried for 66 yards and Rodriguez ran for 63 yards. Gutierrez and Martinez each made five tackles. Rodriguez and Aguirre recorded three tackles each. Jacob Toscano recovered a fumble. 

The Mules will visit the Shallowater Colts for the final game of the season November 3

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