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Mules vs. Kermit Bi-District (11-11-2016)

Mules vs. Kermit Bi-District (11-11-2016)

The Mules played a complete game Friday night against the Kermit Yellow Jackets to bring home the Bi-District Gold ball with a 68-13 win. The Mules finished the game by running their coach, David Wood‘s, favorite play; the Victory Knee at the Kermit three-yard line. 

“In a game like this,” said Mule coach David Wood. “It is nice to see all the kids get in the game and reap the fruits of their labor. The win was a team effort in all phases of the game.”

The Mule coaches felt a fast start was necessary against the Yellow Jackets to prevent Kermit from gaining momentum. The Mules executed the plan to perfection with Dominik Hasley putting pressure on the Jackets 6-3, 257-pound quarterback, Jerek Garcia. 

Garcia’s pass on the third play of the game was picked off by Mario “Boo” Flores at the Kermit 36 and returned the ball to the Kermit 27-yard line. 

Beto Diaz stood in the pocket as Jason Florez ran straight at the defensive back causing him to freeze momentarily. Florez broke straight down the sideline, and Diaz dropped the ball over Florez’s shoulder at the Jacket four-yard line. Florez dashed to the end zone with just over ten minutes left in the first period. 

Arturo Contreras PAT kick was good to put the Mules on top 7-0. 

Michael “Mikey” Lozano kicked off to the Kermit 27, and the Jackets formed a wedge to return the football to the Kermit 46-yard line. 

Charles Stallings broke into the Mules secondary on the second play of the drive and zipped 51-yards for a touchdown, and the PAT was good to tie the game at 7-7.

That was the Jackets last Hurrah as the Mules took over the game after that. 

The Mules chose to fair catch the high kickoff at the Mule 34-yard line. Diaz connected with Flores on the inside receiver screen. Cesar Olvera, Dominik Hasley raced across the field to make blocks for an 11-yard gain. 

Florez snagged the bubble screen to the right side, and Flores, Tre Villa, Donovan Gutierrez and D. Hasley raced to get in front and block for Florez. The play went 14-yards for a first down. 

Javy Perez kept the Kermit defense honest by blasting up the middle for six yards. Diaz pump-faked the bubble screen to Florez and then tossed to Flores after he appeared to be going to block for the screen and then cut back across the field to make the catch. He broke a tackle at the Kermit 25 and the dragged two defenders to the Jacket 15-yard line. 

The Mules almost stalled out inside the Kermit five but gained one and two yards to reach the one-yard line. Dagen Dunham went under center, took the snap and plunged forward behind his center, Gutierrez. Contreras booted the extra point to give the Mules a 14-7 lead with five minutes left in the first period. 

Lozano kicked off to the Kermit 26. Ean Hasley and Brady Martinez flew to the football. Hasley made the first contact and Martinez made the tackle secure at the Jacket 34-yard line. 

Stallings gained 15 yards on the Jackets’ first play, and Issac Mendoza brought him to the turf. Stallings carried again, but Dunham made the first contact and Olvera finished him off after just a three-yard gain. 

Moises Vasquez slashed into the Jacket backfield and tackled Stallings for no gain. On third down and needing seven yards, the Jackets rolled Garcia out of the pocket. Flores tracked him down and, Dunham stripped the ball as the trio went to the turf. Vasquez claimed the loose ball for the Mules at the Kermit 42-yard line. 

Florez started in motion just behind the Mule line. Diaz called for the snap and handed Florez the ball running the Jet Sweep. Dunham’s block allowed Florez to turn up field and Lozano made a block downfield. Florez was pulled down after a 24-yard gain. 

A quick throw to Dunham moved the Mules 11-yards downfield to the Jacket seven-yard line. Lozano pounded the five-yards closer to the goal line. Diaz then made a high throw in the end zone to Dunham. 

Dunham leaped high in the air to catch the pass above the defender’s head for a touchdown. The kick after bounced off an upright to give the Mules a 20-7 lead with 2:23 still left in the first period.    

Two plays into the second quarter the Mules took over on downs at the Mule 18. 

Diaz shuffled the ball forward to Lozano crossing just behind the Mule line. A huge hole opened for Lozano as Fidel Mendoza blocked to the inside and Carlos Meza sealed off the outside. Lozano powered for seven yards to the Mule 25.

Diaz connected with Villa running along the Mule sideline. He made one man miss and gained 16-yards. Flores leaped high to snag a Diaz pass between two defenders at the Jacket 43. He stumbled as his feet hit the ground and jumped forward to the Jacket 39-yard line. 

Yoel Reyes made a spectacular catch at the Kermit goal line. Diaz made a back-shoulder throw but Y. Reyes jumped and twisted his body in the air to grab the ball and then fell in the end zone. The pass-and-catch covered 32 yards. Contreras kick was good to give the Mules a 27-7 lead with 8:35 left in the first half. 

The ensuing Kermit drive stalled out and the Mules took over on downs at the Mule 23. Florez slipped through a hole after catching a screen pass and gained 14-yards. Romeo Reyes went nine yards to midfield with a pass from Diaz. 

Florez took the inside screen pass and worked behind blocks by Meza and F. Mendoza. Their blocks created a crease for Florez to run through. He made a man miss at the and D. Hasley made the final block to open the gate to the Kermit end zone. 

It was a 46-yard catch and run for a touchdown with 44 seconds left in the first half. The Mules led 34-7 at the half after Contreras kick split the uprights.

With just less than nine minutes left in the third quarter, Dunham again made a one-yard plunge into the end zone. Contreras added the extra point for a 41-7 Mule lead. 

Perez intercepted a Jacket pass at the Mule 40 and set the Mules up for another scoring drive on the Mule 45. Florez capped off the six play 55-yard drive with a 24-yard catch-and-run 4:02 remaining in the third period. Contreras kick extended the Mule lead to 48-7. 

Lozano demonstrated his athletic ability on a 52-yard TD shuffle-pass-and-run. After working his way downfield, setting up blocks and avoiding tacklers, Lozano was tripped by a Jacket at the Kermit five-yard line, and he stumbled and fell into the end zone. The Contreras kick gave the Mules a 54-13 lead with just less than two minutes left in the third quarter. 

Early in the fourth quarter, Lozano took over as the quarterback. He passed to Martinez, and he zipped downfield for a 27-yard touchdown. Contreras kick increased the Mule lead to 61-13 with ten and half minutes left in the game. 

Lozano carried to the Kermit 20 with just less than eight minutes left in the contest. Matthew Alarcon took over at quarterback. A motion penalty cost the Mules five yards. 

Alarcon rolled left and cut behind a block by Martinez. Ryan Rodriguez added a block on the sideline as Alarcon cut toward the goalpost. Fernando Rivas made a final hit on a Jacket to head to the goal line. He was pulled down at the one-yard line. 

Alarcon kept left and ran off tackle for a one-yard TD with 5:45 remaining in the game. Contreras kicked the Mules final point. 

Raul Sierra ran Coach Wood’s favorite play three times to take the final minute off the clock and end the game. 

The Mules will travel to Big Springs’ Howard College Stadium. The Mules are the home team and game time is scheduled for 7:00 PM CST

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