Sunday, May 3, 2015

MHS Golf @ RegI Trny (4-13,14,15&16-2015)

MHS Golf @ RegI Trny (4-13,14,15&16-2015)

Conner Harrison was the Mule representative to the Region I Golf Tournament as a medalist. He shot an 80 the first day of the tournament on the Baird Golf Course. He struggled the second day and shot an 87 for a total of 167. 

“Conner (Harrison) is just a junior and will be back next year,” said Muleshoe golf coach Carey Sudduth. “It is a tough golf course and he learned a lot.”

The Lady Mules competed as a team and finished near the middle of the pack at eighth out of sixteen teams. The Lady Mules finished the tournament with a team total of 820 strokes. They combined for a 422 strokes the first day but improved the second day with 398 shots. 

“The girls played the second two days and did a great job,” continued Sudduth. “All five of the kids shot their lowest round ever on at least one of the competition days.”
“The tournament was well run and we all had a good time while we were in Baird.”

Sydnie Sudduth saved her best rounds of the year for the Region I Tournament. She shot a first round 95 strokes and improved her second round with 92 shots for a total of 187 strokes. Sadie Sudduth completed the first round with 101 strokes. She cut three strokes off her first day score with 98 shots the second day for a total of 199 strokes. 

Emily Precure completed the first round with a 111 shots. She utilized what she had learned the first day to improve to an even 100 strokes on the second day for a total of 211 strokes. 

Miranda De Bruin and Gabby Chavez finished the first round with 115 strokes. The second day was a repeat of the first as both girls improved to an identical 108 shots for a total of 223 strokes each.

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