Monday, February 6, 2017

Lady Mules vs. Littlefield & Idalou (1-17 & 20-2017)

Lady Mules vs. Littlefield & Idalou (1-17 & 20-2017)

The Lady Mules allowed a win slip from their grasp Tuesday evening when they hosted the Littlefield Wildcats. The Sydnie Sudduth sank a free throw that gave the Lady Mules a five-point advantage with just seconds left to play. 

The Lady Mules fouled and allowed the Lady Cats to score with the clock stopped and tied the game at 32-32 and took the game to overtime. The Cats defeated the Lady Mules 37-34 in overtime. 

The Idalou Wildcats beat the Lady Mules and pounded the Lady Mules into submission. Idalou took the night 56-35. 

Emily Precure made a free throw almost two minutes into the first period. Keely Dunham dropped in a pair of free throws. Sadie Sudduth first point was a free throw, and later she sank a 3-pointer. 

The Lady Mules trailed Littlefield 13-7 after one quarter. 

Reagan Reynolds scored from near the baseline to open the second period. Sy. Sudduth chipped in a free throw. Precure made three charity tosses, and Yvonne Diaz sank two free throws. The Lady Mules had held Littlefield to four points and cut the Lady Cats lead to 17-15 at the intermission. 

The third period was a dead heat with both teams dropping in five points. Sy. Sudduth hit a pair of free throws. Sa. Sudduth finished a fast break with a hoop and Diaz chipped in a free throw. 

Reynolds put back an offensive rebound for a hoop despite being fouled on the way up. She added the free throw to complete the three-point play. Sa. Sudduth made a pair of free throws and chipped in one more before the final quarter ended. 

Precure chipped in one free throw and Sy. Sudduth made three of four from the charity line. 

In overtime Sy. Sudduth made the Lady Mules only two free throws. 

Sa. Sudduth led the Lady Mules with nine points. Sy. Sudduth earned eight points. Precure finished with six points. Reynolds dropped in five points, Diaz added four points and Dunham chipped in two. 

Dunham seemed to enjoy the rough and tumble allowed in Idalou and scored two jump shots in the opening period. Sa. Sudduth made a layup and later chipped in a free throw. Idalou led the Lady Mules 15-7 after one period. 

Sy. Sudduth made a pair of free throws to start the second quarter. Sa. Sudduth chipped in one from the charity line. Diaz completed a three-point play by making the free throw after being fouled while scoring. Dunham scored from 10 feet. The Lady Mules trailed 28-15 at the intermission. 

Sy. Sudduth made all five of her free throws in the third quarter and sank one shot while being fouled. Dunham dropped in her final shot of the game. The Lady Mules had fallen behind 42-24 after three quarters. 

Sy. Sudduth kept her free throw shooting perfect with two free throws to start the final quarter. She later sank a 3-pointer. Sa. Sudduth chipped in two free throws. Diaz scored in the lane and chipped in a pair of free throws before the game ended. 

Sy. Sudduth set the scoring pace with 14 points. Dunham finished the evening with eight points. Diaz added seven points and Sa. Sudduth dropped in six points. 

The Lady Mules were on the road in Dimmitt Tuesday night against the Bobbies and will return home Friday to host the Slaton Tigerettes. 

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