Monday, February 6, 2017

Powerlifting @ Dimmitt (1-28-2017)

Powerlifting @ Dimmitt (1-28-2017)

The Muleshoe Powerlifting team participated in the Dimmitt Powerlifting meet Saturday. Not only did the team lift weights six members of the team also picked up individual medals. 

Brianna Barron earned the silver medal in the 114-pound weight class. She had a squat lift of 225 pounds, bench pressed ninety pounds and finished with a dead lift of 250 pounds for a total of 565 pounds. 

Lourdes Escalante also won the silver medal in the 165-pound weight class. She made a squat lift of 220 pounds, bench pressed 105 pounds and made a dead lift of 265 pounds for a total of 590 pounds. 

Erika Arzola took the bronze medal in the 148-pound weight class. She squat lifted 215 pounds, bench pressed 120 pounds and had a dead lift of 270 pounds for a total of 605 pounds. 

Gloria Gonzales lifted a total of 455 pounds. She squat lifted 165 pounds, bench pressed 95 pounds and deadlifted 195 pounds. Nikole Quezada lifted a total of 505 pounds. She had a squat lift of 195 pounds, bench pressed 95 pounds, and deadlifted 215 pounds. 

Noa Rojas squat lifted 265 pounds, bench pressed 115 pounds and deadlifted 250 pounds for a total of 630 pounds. 

Michael Lozano picked up the silver medal in the 148-pound class. He squat lifted 400 pounds, bench pressed 180 pounds and deadlifted 400 pounds for a total of 980 pounds. 

Ryan Rodriguez lifted a total of 1000 pounds and earned the bronze medal in the 198-pound class. He squat lifted 360 pounds, bench pressed 210 pounds and deadlifted 430 pounds. 

Derek Barron placed fifth in the 114-pound weight class with a total weight of 470 pounds. He squat lifted 185 pounds, bench pressed 100 pounds and deadlifted 185 pounds. 

Justin Carrion made a squat lift of 260 pounds, bench pressed 170 pounds, and deadlifted 365 pounds for a total of 765 pounds. Jacob Barron lifted a total of 535 pounds with a squat lift of 185 pounds, bench pressed 125 pounds and deadlifted 225 pounds. 

Jamie Ceja participated in the 198-pound weight class. He lifted a total of 845 pounds starting with a squat lift of 315 pounds, bench pressed 190 pounds and deadlifted 340 pounds.   

Powerlifting Medal Winners at the Dimmitt Powerlifting Meet. L-R
Derek Barron, Michael Lozano, Erika Arzola, Brianna Barron, Lourdes Escalante, Ryan Rodriguez

The power lifters will travel to Levelland February 11 to participated in the Lobo Powerlifting Meet. The meet starts at 9:00 AM

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