Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jr High Tennis @ Levelland (4-26-14)

Jr High Tennis @ Levelland (4-26-14)

The Muleshoe Junior High tennis team traveled to Levelland for their first tournament of the year Saturday. There were 28 Mules and Lady Mules in the tournament and they competed in 75 matches. The wind was blowing at 25 to 35 miles per hour with gust up to 40 MPH. 

Alexis Campos won the consolation medal in the girl’s singles division. She lost her first match to Midland Christian 3-6 but came back to defeat back-to-back Muleshoe opponents with scores of 6-3 and 6-4.

Hallie Myatt defeated Lazbuddie in the first round 6-1. Midland Christian was Myatt’s next victim, losing 6-3. South Crest defeated Myatt 0-6 and Brownfield eliminated her 0-6. 

Brianna Barron lost her first match to South Crest 4-6. She defeated Midland Christian 6-3 and was eliminated by a Muleshoe player 4-6. Noa Rojas fell to Brownfield 0-6 in the first match and was eliminated by a Muleshoe player 4-6. 

Michelle Reyes lost both of her matches. The first being to Brownfield 1-6 and the second was to an unknown player 3-6. 

The Lady Mules did much better in doubles Sofia Sianez and Nancy Martinez taking first place. They defeated Sands 6-1 in the first round and Brownfield 6-1 in the second. A team from Muleshoe also fell to defeat by the team 6-1 in the finals. 

Liliana Barrera and Conley Niblett placed second in the tournament. They defeated Sands 6-0 and a Muleshoe team 6-4. They fell to a second Muleshoe team 6-1.

Kayla Torres and AB Mendoza placed third and defeated Post 6-1 in the first round. They lost their second match to an unknown team 4-6 but defeated Post 6-1 for third place. 

Ileana Gonzales and Hailey Anzaldua made it a clean sweep of the medals by winning consolation. They defeated post 6-0 and won the second round due to a forfeit. A team from Muleshoe was the next victims 6-2.

Kinsey Parker and Madison Hasley lost their first match to an unknown team 3-6. They defeated Post 6-4 but fell to a Muleshoe team 2-6. Lorena Balderas and Xiomara Regalado defeated Lazbuddie 6-0 but lost to a Muleshoe team 4-6. They were eliminated by Sands 4-6. 

Megan Macias and Alexa Herrera lost their first match to an unknown team 0-6 and had to forfeit the second to be eliminated. 

Aron Chacon placed second in the Boy’s Singles Division. He defeated Brownfield 6-0 in the first round and Midland Christian 6-3 in the second. He was defeated by Sudan 1-6 in the championship game.

Estevan Palomares placed third and started by defeating an unknown team 6-4 but lost to Midland Christian 4-6. He defeated Sudan 6-0 for third place. Carlos Balderas won consolation. He lost the first match 4-6 to an unknown player but defeated a Muleshoe player 6-0. Balderas defeated Post 6-1 for consolation. 

Yavet Elizalde defeated Midland Christian 6-4 in the first round but lost to Sudan 1-6 and Midland Christian 3-6. Issac Mendoz defeated Brownfield 6-4 but lost by an unknown score to an unknown player. 

Dacota Van Leer lost to Post 0-6 and to a Muleshoe player 0-6. Ashton Atchley lost both of his matches. 

Jacob Kettner and Cassidy Cage teamed up in Mixed Doubles and won first place. They defeated a Muleshoe team 6-0 in the first round and a second Muleshoe team 1-6 in the second round. 

Ricardo Torres and Anghy Avilez defeated a Muleshoe team 6-2 but lost Kettner and Gage in the finals 1-6. Malachi Rodriguez and Xena Gallegos lost to Kettner and Cage in the first round 0-6 and Torres and Avilez 2-6 in the second.

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