Wednesday, March 8, 2017

MHS Golf @ Plainview ( 3-2-2017)

MHS Golf @ Plainview ( 3-2-2017)

The Muleshoe High School golf team had a practice meet in Plainview Thursday. All of the MHS

players in attendance improved their scores.

Emily Precure lowered her 18-hole total by one stroke and shot utilized a total of 102 strokes.

Yvonne Diaz made a marked improvement by reducing her score by 20 strokes and shot an 18-

hole total of 110 strokes.

Kiarra Regalado dropped a total of 33 strokes for a final score of 117 shots. Leti Loya trimmed 15

shots off her total with a round of 116 strokes.

Ricky Diaz bettered his score by five shots for a total of 112 strokes. Brendon Rodriguez shot a

round of 100 for his opening round of the season, and Adrianna Mora shot a first round total of

139 shots.

The Mules traveled to Lubbock to play in a tournament on the Meadowbrook Golf Course. The

Lady Mules went to Lubbock on Tuesday to also play a tournament on the Meadowbrook Course.

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