Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Region 1 Division 3 Powerlifting Meet

Region 1 Division 3 Powerlifting Meet

Two Lady Mule powerlifters competed in the Region I Division 3 Powerlifting Meet Friday at

Irion County High School. Erika Arzola placed fifth in the 165-pound weight class, and Brianna

Barron finished sixth in the 114-pound weight class.

“I am very proud of these two girls,” said Lady Mule Powerlifting coach Albert Lopez. “Erika

(Arzola) increased her weight total by 35 pounds. Brianna (Barron) also increased her total weight

by 25 pounds. The girls had trained hard, and Friday proved it.”

Arzola squat lifted 265 pounds, bench pressed 150 pounds and made a deadlift of 305 pounds for a

total weight of 720 pounds.

Barron squat lifted 260 pounds and bench pressed 95 pounds. She made a deadlift of 255 pounds

for a total of 610 pounds.

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