Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mule Powerlifting Regional Meet (3-8-14)

Mule Powerlifting Regional Meet (3-8-14)

David Gonzales qualified as the ninth place power lifter in the region during the season. He competed in the 275 pound class Saturday in the Regional Powerlifting Meet that was held in Sundown. 

“David (Gonzales) had a good season and improved with each meet,” said Mule Powerlifting coach Kirk Byrd. “Saturday he raised his personal best weight amounts in both the squat lift and bench press.”

“He did not move up in the standings but he was able to hold on to ninth place that he held entering the meet. Gonzales is a junior so he will have another chance to qualify for the Texas State Meet next year.”

Gonzales improved his weight in the squat lift to 510 pounds and upped his personal record to 310 pounds in the bench press. He started with a weight of 450 pounds in the deadlift but could not hold the 480 pounds on his two final attempts. 

Gonzales finished the season with a total weight of 1270 pounds to maintain his hold on ninth place in the region.

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